December 9, 2022

It Begins: Trump Supporter Shouts “FAKE NEWS” At MSM Reporter Covering Trump Occasion

‘We’re being implemented, harassed, yelled at simply by Trump supporters like this man. I shot this whilst trying to do my job, ‘ MSM reporter complained.

A mainstream media correspondent was shouted straight down by an enthusiastic Trump promoter Tuesday as she attempted to report on former President Donald Trump’s announcement presentation.

National Sinclair correspondent Ahtra Elnashar explained she was unable to film a package intro for her report due to a Trump promoter holding a “ Bogus News is CNN” sign continuously shouting, “ False News! ” during taping.

“ I am just outside Mar-a-Lago covering Trump’s announcement. My photographer and am have been trying for thirty min to shoot an easy package intro. We’re being followed, harassed, yelled at by Trump supporters such as this guy. I shot this particular while trying to do my job, ” Elnashar tweeted.

The media reporter eventually was able to make her way inside Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

In a closing Tweet, Elnashar commented she was not deterred by interruptions from “ hecklers or people seeking to otherwise disrupt reporters at the office. ”

With the MSM already working with a rough go of it 1 of the Trump 2024 candidacy, they will no doubt have their function cut out for them over the next 720 days.

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