December 9, 2022

“Now the World Knows Who Owns Canada”: Xi Scolds Trudeau Over Leaked Conversation In Front of Audience at G20 Summit

“Conversation reveals Xi’s dismissive watch of Canada: a nation to be lectured and endangered. “

CCP leader Xi Jinping scolded Canadian PM Justin Trudeau over a leaked conversation in front of a massive crowd only at that year’s G20 Summit.

“ Everything that we discussed has been leaked to the paper, ” said Jinping’s translator to Trudeau. “ That isn’t appropriate. ”

“ And that’s not the way the conversation was conducted. In case there is… ”

Trudeau timidly interrupted with generic talking factors about how discourse is evidently run in the west:

“ In Canada, all of us believe in free and open up and frank dialogue and that is what we’ll continue to have, ” said Trudeau. “ We will continue to work constructively together but there will be details we disagree on. ”

Jinping then promptly ended the conference by making it clear their particular next discussion will have guitar strings attached:

“ That’s great, the conditions first. ”

Critics were quick to analyze how badly the confrontation made Europe & Trudeau look:

“ Now the world knows who owns Canada, ” said Resident Free Press.

Jack Posobiec, the senior editor for Human Events , said Trudeau looked like a “ junior employee. ”

“ Chief Xi dresses down Justin Trudeau like a junior employee for leaking their personal conversation to the media, ” said Posobiec. Trudeau may barely walk after. ”

Senior Reporter for CBC Canada , Saš a Petricic, known as out Trudeau’s body language:

“ Body language in part conversation between Canadian EVENING Trudeau and Chinese innovator Xi Jinping speaks amounts about Xi’s current dismissive view of Canada: a country to be lectured plus threatened. ”

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