December 6, 2022

Safe & Effective: Myocarditis within Kids Under 18 Cases Up By Over 100X in Canada

Large Canadian hospital: before COVID, they’d see two cases per year. Now these people see 27 in just 6 weeks. That’s a 117X enhance. But the CDC says it could only “slightly elevated. “

The  IWK Hea lth Centre  is a major pediatric hospital plus trauma center in Halifax, Nova Scotia that provi des care in order to maritime youth, children and women from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward cullen Island and beyond.

They’ve observed 27 myocarditis cases within a 6 week period for children under 18. Normally, they will see 2 cases per year. So they are seeing a rise of 117X the normal rate.

I heard this from a hospital insider. Don’t expect them to widely say anything. That’s simply not the way it works nowadays.

Since the baseline rate of myocarditis in children is 1 per hundred, 000, this suggests that we are seeing 1 per 1, 000 kids vaccinating getting myocarditis and it’s probably a lot more than that especially considering that the  Thailand research showed almost 30% associated with kids sustain cardiac damage of some sort from the vaccines .

Classes nearly 80 M children under 18 in the US, when all of them got vaccinated, we would expect to see 80, 000 kids with myocarditis which is always very serious.

That’s a lot of kids. You will think this is a problem, but it isn’t.

When 2 car owners expire, the car manufacturer tells people to stop using the car. I wrote about this   recently (see my Stellantis   article).

The reason for this really is simple: liability.

But with these vaccines, there is no liability, so there is no need to set a stopping problem.

The US government can happily injure hundreds of thousands or millions of kids and it just doesn’t matter because there is simply no liability. That’s just the method it goes.

Only a few members of Congress will pay any attention to this particular because they don’t want to be seen as “ anti-science. ”

Are you a fact band?

Any “ fact checker” who wants to fact check my source need to contact me. Calling a healthcare facility, getting a denial, and publicizing that as “ the truth” is not fact checking.

TEE instances on the rise as well… I actually wonder why?

A reader wrote:

This isn’t myocarditis-specific, but I want to bring one more observation to your attention. I work in outpatient procedures medical center area. I noticed an uptick in TEE procedures (trans esophageal echocardiograms) after the shot roll out. When a patient includes a random TIA/stroke and a result in can’t be determined, this procedure can be done to rule out a congenital heart malformation (such since PFO) as the cause. Other nurses commented on the improved number of theses cases after the vaccine rollout. Maybe twice as many per week for a few several weeks? TEEs can be done by any kind of trained cardiologist, but it is generally done by electrophysiology cardiologist specialist. I recommend you look for nurses, mds or secretaries who work in the office of the EP cardiologist. They might be capable to confirm if an increased quantity of TEEs were performed (presumably from an increase in TIAs or strokes).


IWK health center is just not alone in seeing massive increases in myocarditis in young people. My own surveys obviously showed  at least the 10-fold increase in myocarditis prices once the vaccines were released . That’s an increase from your rates under COVID only. My survey showed just a 10-fold increase because many people reported seeing zero situations before the vaccine so it skews the numbers.

Any doctor who lets you know that the rates of myocarditis are lower with the shot should be reported to their state medical board for spreading misinformation.

The particular CDC claims that the risk of myocarditis is only “ slightly elevated. ” Just how do they explain this 100X increase? I don’t know. They will block my emails now and ignore my calls. Fortunately, I can  buy billboards to get in touch with them to let them know about serious safety signals .

This article is more proof that the COVID vaccines are a disaster and should be halted immediately.

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