December 6, 2022

Techno-Authoritarianism Alert! Deep State Joins Forces With China

The future of The united states is being forged beyond the particular reach of our laws, elections and borders by techno-authoritarian powers with no regard pertaining to individuality, privacy or independence.

“ If this federal government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the cleverness community has given the government could enable it in order to impose total tyranny, plus there would be no way to fight back. ” — Senator Frank Church

The ballots are in.

No matter who runs intended for office, no matter who handles the White House, United states senate or the House of Associates now or in the future, “ we the people” have already lost.

We now have lost because the future of this nation is being forged above the reach of our laws, elections and borders by techno-authoritarian powers with no consider for individuality, privacy or even freedom.

The particular fate of America has been made in China, our part model for all things dystopian.

An economic plus political powerhouse that  owns more of America’s financial debt   than some other country and is  buying up American companies   across the spectrum, China is a vicious totalitarian regime that routinely employs censorship, surveillance, and intense police state tactics in order to intimidate its populace, maintain steadily its power, and expand the particular largesse of its corporate top notch.

Where China goes, the United States eventually comes after. This way lies outright tyranny.

Censorship.   China’s censorship machine is straight from Orwell’s  1984   with government organizations and corporations working together to limit the populace’s freedom of expression. Just a few in years past, in fact , China  banned   the use of the word “ disagree, ” and also references to George Orwell’s novels  Animal Plantation   and  1984 . Government companies routinely harass and frighten anyone seen as non-compliant. Active supporters and workers are frequently penalized for collecting in public places and charged criminally with “ selecting quarrels and provoking problems . ” China has additionally gone to great lengths to  muzzle journalists   reporting on corruption or human rights abuses.

Security.   COVID-19 introduced China’s Orwellian surveillance from the shadows and gave The far east the perfect excuse for unleashing the full force of its expansive and sophisticated surveillance and data collection powers upon its citizenry and the rest of the world.   Heat scanners using artificial cleverness (AI) were installed at train stations in major cities to assess entire body temperatures   and identify anyone with a fever.   Facial acknowledgement cameras and cell phone carriers tracked people’s movements continuously , reporting in real time in order to data centers that could be utilized by government agents and employers alike. And  coded color alerts (red, yellow and green) categorized people into health groups   that corresponded to the amount of freedom of movement they’re allowed: “ Green code, travel openly. Red or yellow, statement immediately. ”

Social media credit scores.   Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese surveillance state had already been hard at the office tracking its citizens with the use of some 200 million security cameras installed nationwide. Equipped with face recognition technology, the digital cameras allow authorities to track alleged criminal acts, such as jaywalking, which factor into a person’s social credit score. Social media credit ratings assigned to Chinese individuals and businesses categorize them on whether or not they are “ good” citizens. A “ citizen score ” determines one’s put in place society based on one’s dedication to the government. A real-name system— which needs people to use government-issued IDENTIFICATION cards to buy mobile sims, obtain social media accounts, have a train, board a aircraft, or even buy groceries — coupled with social media credit scores ensures that those blacklisted because “ unworthy” are  banned from accessing monetary markets, buying real estate or travelling by air or even train . Among the activities that can get you labeled unworthy are taking reserved seats upon trains or allegedly causing trouble in hospitals.

Safe, intelligent cities.   Getting pioneered the development of so-called  “ safe” smart cities , China is exporting worldwide the high-tech communities by which residents are monitored round the clock, their every action below constant surveillance, and every device is connected to a main brain operated by synthetic intelligence. As privacy specialist Vincent Mosco concludes, “ The benefit from smart towns clearly goes to the authorities who are able to use the promise of the modern, high-tech city to extend and deepen surveillance. It also goes to the big tech businesses who profit first from building the smart city facilities and secondly by commodifying the entire smart city space. Citizens gain some functional efficiency but  at great cost to their freedom . ”

Digital currency.   China has already  adopted a government-issued digital currency , which usually not only allows it in order to surveil and seize individuals financial transactions, but can also  work in conjunction with its social credit score program   to penalize individuals for moral lapses and social transgressions (and reward them for adhering to government-sanctioned behavior). As Tiongkok expert Akram Keram published for  The Wa Post , “ With digital yuan, the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] may have direct control over and entry to the financial lives of people, without the need to strong-arm intermediary monetary entities.   In the digital-yuan-consumed society, the government quickly could suspend the electronic wallets of dissidents plus human rights activists . ”

Digital authoritarianism   will redefine what it means to become free in almost every aspect of our lives. Again, we must look to China to understand what awaits us. As Human Rights Watch analyst Maya Wang  explains : “ Chinese authorities use technologies to control the population all over the country within subtler but still powerful methods. The central bank is adopting digital currency, that will allow Beijing to surveil— and control— people’s monetary transactions. China is building so-called safe cities, which integrate data from intrusive surveillance systems to predict and prevent everything from fires to natural disasters and political refuse. The government believes that these intrusions, together with administrative actions, such as denying blacklisted people access to services,   will certainly nudge people toward ‘ positive behaviors, ‘   including greater conformity with government policies and healthy habits such as exercising. ”

AI surveillance.   In much the same way that Chinese products have infiated almost every market worldwide and altered consumer dynamics,   China is now exporting its “ authoritarian tech” to governments worldwide   ostensibly in an effort to spread its brand of totalitarianism globally. In fact , both China as well as the United States have  brought the way in supplying all of those other world with AI surveillance , sometimes at a subsidized rate. In the hands associated with tyrants and benevolent dictators alike, AI surveillance could be the ultimate means of repression plus control, especially through the use of  smart city/safe city platforms, facial identification systems, and predictive policing . These technologies are also being used by violent extremist groups, as well as  sex, child, drug, and arms traffickers   for their own nefarious purposes.

While countries with authoritarian regimes were eager to adopt AI security, as the Carnegie Endowment’s study makes clear, liberal democracies are also “ aggressively making use of AI tools to law enforcement borders, apprehend potential crooks,   monitor residents for bad behavior , and pull out suspected terrorists from crowds. ” Furthermore, it’s easy to see how the Cina model for internet control has been integrated into the American police state’s efforts to flush out so-called anti-government, domestic extremists. This is how totalitarianism conquers the world.

Secret police.   According to recent reports, Cina has planted more than  54 secret law enforcement forces in 25 metropolitan areas around the world , including the United States, as part of their efforts to and threaten dissidents and deport them back to China for prosecution. The strategy to surveil, intimidate plus punish ex-patriates living abroad engaging in dissent has been dubbed  Operation Fox Quest . As one human rights agency noted, “ The particular message from the [Chinese] ministry of international affairs – that  you are not safe anywhere , that we can find you and that we can get to you – is very effective. ”

Police brutality.   Not much has changed about China’s brutal crackdown on protesters in the wake of the  Tiananmen Sq . massacre . Chinese policing remains brutal, excessive and inflexible, now with the added power of the surveillance state behind it.

Intimidation tactics.   China has perfected the art of  intimidation tactics , threatening activists, their families and their own livelihood should they fail to conform to the government’s dictates. As you activist explained, “ There have been telephone calls in the middle of the night that family members won’t find work if you don’t cooperate with the government, or that your parents’ telephone number will be posted online and they’ll be harassed. Or with Uyghurs, that the rest of your family will be put in camps. ”

Disappearance, brainwashing and torture.   Those who fail to fall in series with China’s dictates tend to be made to disappear, arrested within the dead of night and  imprisoned in Orwellian re-education camps . Tiongkok has built more than 400 of the internment camps in recent years to detain people for crimes that run the gamut from challenging the government to so-called spiritual crimes such as owning a Qur’an or abstaining from consuming pork. As the  Guardian  reviews , “ abuses include detailed arbitrary detentions, torture and medical neglect in the detention camps and coercive birth control. ”

China’s global influence, its technological reach, its pursuit of world domination, and its rigorous demand for compliance are usually pushing us towards a global in chains.

Through its growing stranglehold on surveillance technology, China and taiwan has erected the tour’s first digital totalitarian state, and in the process, has made by itself a model for aspiring dictators everywhere.

Exactly what too many fail to recognize, nevertheless , is that China and the American Deep State have joined up with forces.

As I make clear in  Battlefield America: The War on the American People   and in the fictional counterpart  The Erik Blair Schedules , this is fascism hiding behind a thin veneer of open government and populist elections.

For all intents and purposes, we have become the embodiment of what Philip K. Dick feared when he wrote  The person in the High Castle , a vision of an alternate universe in which the Axis power defeat the Allies in World War II, and “ fascism has not simply overcome America. It has insinuated by itself, with disturbing ease, straight into America’s DNA . ”

Yet whilst Dick’s vision of a entire world in which totalitarianism has been normalized is chilling, our developing reality of a world in which the Deep State is not simply entrenched but has gone global is downright terrifying.

Our national flag may not boast the reddish and white stripes having a swastika on a field of blue as depicted in  The Man in the High Castle , but become warned: we are no less entertained.

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