December 9, 2022

‘I Think It’s Time for New Leadership’ Pence Tells CNN When Asked if He’ll Support Trump in 2024

‘In the end, your administration did not end nicely, ‘ Trump’s former vp says, throwing ex-boss in the bus.

Former Vice Chief executive Mike Pence said he’s not ready to pledge assistance for President Donald Trump’s third presidential bid, declaring there will be better candidates to select from when the 2024 elections move around.

Speaking to moderator Jake Tapper during a CNN town corridor event Wednesday hosted 1 day after Trump announced he’d again run for chief executive, Pence went over his previous administration’s accomplishments before going on to say, “ But in the end, our administration failed to end well. ”

“ The United states people are looking for new leadership, leadership that will unite our own country around our maximum ideals, leadership that will reveal the civility and regard that most Americans have for one another, ” Pence told Tapper, while intermittently inserting his new book, So Help Me The almighty .

He also entertained the prospect of the possible presidential run.

“ And so I believe in the days ahead, whatever role I and my loved ones play in the Republican Party, whether it’s as a candidate or just a part of the cause, I, I think we’ll have better choices, better choices than my old running mate. ”

“ I think America longs to go back to the policies that were working for the American people. But I think it’s time for new management in this country that will bring us together around the highest ideals. ”

Pressed on regardless of whether he would support Trump when he became the Conservative nominee, Pence again refused to respond affirmatively, instead providing, “ I have every self-confidence that we will produce a standard-bearer for our party, whoever he or she may be, that will lead individuals there and lead people to victory in 2024. ”

Is actually evident the former VP however holds a grudge in opposition to Trump after the events from Jan. 6, when protesters grew unruly after Pence proceeded to certify the exact 2020 election instead of acquiescing to Trump’s request to deliver the questionable results time for the states for official qualifications.

Earlier this year, Trump rejected allegations he generally known as his former VP a fabulous “ wimp. ”

He elaborated in the sentiments toward Pence within the September job with The Atlantic’s Maggie Haberman, remarking, “ I said, ‘ Mike, you have a chance to be Jones Jefferson, or you can be Henry Pence’… He chose to come to be Mike Pence. ”

As for Pence, your dog told ABC News’ John Muir earlier this week which he and his family were providing presidential prospects “ prayerful consideration . ”

Definitely will Pence dare to challenge his old boss for this Republican nomination and thus chance becoming another Trump injury, in the same vein for Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Calvario and a slew of many other failed Republicans?

Political commentator Mark Piensa gives his take on Pence’s town hall:

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