December 2, 2022

MTG Calls to Audit “Every American Taxpayer Dollar” Delivered to Ukraine

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene says taxpayers deserve to know how an money is spent

A group of congressional Republicans introduced a resolution upon Thursday calling for an audit of US government funds appropriated for aid to Ukraine.

The initiative, spearheaded by Consultant Marjorie Taylor Greene plus backed by ten other legislators, covers all army, civilian, and financial support provided to Kiev simply by President Joe Biden, based on the Daily Caller.

“ The American people, the taxpayers of this country, deserve to know exactly where their money is going and exactly how it’s being spent, ”   Greene informed reporters, adding that the government should be held accountable when spending money overseas.   “ We must audit every single American taxpayer dollar delivered to Ukraine. ”  

The US continues to be supplying Ukraine with weighty armaments, such as anti-tank weaponry, missile defense systems, and drones after Russia launched the military operation in the nearby state. Biden asked Congress to approve an additional $37. 7 billion in protection assistance to Kiev on Thursday, which would bring the total finances appropriated to Ukraine within a year to $104 million, according to Defense News.

Greene and the woman colleagues argued that the money scheme is not transparent an adequate amount of and that there are more pressing matters at home.   “ Our Border Patrol asked for $15. 46 billion to acquire the border of the United States. Leader Trump’s border wall would have only cost $22 billion dollars, ”   typically the congresswoman said.

“ With the cash we’ve sent to Ukraine, we all could’ve already secured all of our border but we’re not doing that. ”   She added of which Congress would send   “ a very negative message to the American people”   if the audit is denied.

Greene also posted a on Twitter of two men in military suit walking with crutches, methods: “ It is heartbreaking to see these disabled Ukrainian soldiers here in the halls of Congress being used mainly because pawns to pressure all of our Congress to give American’s costly tax dollars to [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky. ”

A handful of Republicans were increasingly calling for more oversight during the midterm elections, which ended from the party winning a skinny majority in the House of Representatives but failing to retake the Senate from the Democrats. Kevin McCarthy, the top His party in the House, said last month of which Kiev would no longer receive  “ blank checks”   if the party secured control of the chamber.

The former subwoofer of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said that the US will continue to keep support Kiev.   “ We have never specified a blank check to Ukraine, ”   your own said during a visit to Croatia last month.

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