December 6, 2022

“No”: Elon Musk Denies Request to Bring Alex Jones Back to Twitter – Developing

New owner of social media large swiftly denies champion of free speech!

Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, has publicly & swiftly denied a ask for to have radio host Alex Jones return to the social networking platform.

On Friday, Musk fielded an open-ended question to his followers by requesting “ What should Tweets do next? ”

“ Bring back Alex Jones!!!! ” Said a user named “ @HardcoreNolley”

“ No, ” Musk replied almost immediately.

Musk’s apparent ultimatum against Jones comes shortly after a Fri statement about how he plans to conduct the achieve of users based on their own content.

“ New Twitter plan is freedom of presentation, but not freedom of achieve. Negative/hate tweets will be utmost deboosted & demonetized, therefore no ads or additional revenue to Twitter. You may not find the tweet unless you particularly seek it out, which is no different from rest of Internet. ”

Also on Friday, Musk reinstated previously banned balances like The particular Babylon Bee .

He has yet to make a decision on reinstating Chief executive Trump’s Twitter account.

Currently, critics are slamming Musk (who claims to be a “ free speech absolutist ” ) intended for his inconsistent standards associated with who is and isn’t permitted on Twitter, with the recent return of Kathy Griffin being a glaring example:

Notably, Twitter   was the final platform to censor Jones back in 2018 a month after  Facebook, YouTube plus Apple   banned him falsely citing infractions of terms of service policies.

Jones’ account had close to a million followers at the time it was banned.

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