December 6, 2022

Virgin Airlines Amends ‘Gender Neutral’ Uniform Policy to Conciliate World Cup Host Qatar

Virgin Atlantic says log cabin crew must stick to conventional dress to ensure their protection in Qatar

Virgin Atlantic turned its gender-neutral uniform policy for cabin crew traveling the England team towards the World Cup in Qatar. Although the squad still flew aboard the airline’s ‘ Gay Pride’ jet, crossdressing will only be allowed on flights to  “ more accepting”   countries, the airline said.

Gareth Southgate’s squad touched down in Doha on Wednesday, on a specially chartered Virgin Atlantic flight from Birmingham. For the one-off flight, the particular airline told several British media outlets that it suspended its gender identity policy and instructed crew people to dress in the appropriate consistent for their gender.

“ As part of our own policy, we complete a danger assessment on all countries we fly to, taking into consideration laws and attitudes on the LGBTQ+ community and expression of identity on a case-by-case basis, ”   the statement read.   “ Following a risk assessment, it was recommended the particular policy was not applied on today’s charter flight to ensure the safety of our people. ”

Homosexuality will be illegal in Qatar, plus same-sex intercourse is punishable by up to seven years’ imprisonment.  

Virgin Atlantic updated its ‘ Gender Identity Policy’ in September, allowing male flight attendants to wear female uniforms and vice versa. Staff were also given the option of wearing  “ pronoun badges, ”   and subjected to  “ mandatory inclusivity training, ”   according to a press release.

While this new  “ fluid approach”   was portrayed because applying to all routes, Virgin Atlantic explained on Wednesday that it would initially end up being rolled out on flights to and from the US, UK, and His home country of israel, as  “ individuals countries are more accepting associated with non-binary identities. ”

Despite the policy walkback, the England team still flew to Doha aboard the ‘ Rain Bow’, an Airbus A350 bearing the image of a traveling man in rainbow-colored shoes holding a Union Jack. The UK is not the only nation bringing a pro-LGBT information to Qatar, with the ALL OF US modifying its team’s crest to incorporate the colors from the gay pride flag.

While Qatar offers insisted that all fans would be welcomed to the World Cup  “ without discrimination, ”   a good ambassador for the tournament, former Qatari national player Khalid Salman, told a German born reporter last week that he regarded as homosexuality a  “ damage in the mind”   that causes  “ spiritual harm. ”

Republicans will have to cheat like Democrats if they ever want to win again.

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