December 10, 2022

Maricopa County Attorney Berates & Stonewalls Kari Lake Campaign, Leaked Video Shows

Comes as votes are still reportedly being counted ELEVEN DAYS after Election Day.

A leaked phone call surrounding Arizona’s botched midterm election count reveals a massive break down of trust between the Kari Lake campaign and Maricopa County.

Attorneys for Lake’s marketing campaign and the Republican National Committee spoke by phone Mon to Maricopa County attorney Tom Liddy to find out about voting problems upon Election Day and the timely release of information before the contact went south.

In the leaked portion of the call, RNC attorney Benjamin Mehr stressed the need for rapid solutions by Tom Liddy, the lifelong Republican who minds the county’s office intended for civil litigation, claiming the objective of the call was “ for all of us to be able to say that Tom Liddy is giving us great information. ”

“ And that’s one thing that’s in your control, and we would really appreciate it, ” Lieber told him.

Liddy fired back along with expletives and accused Mehr of “ threatening” your pet.

“ Guess what? Let me teach you, ” Liddy said, according to the video recording. “ I cannot control what you say. Okay? You can say whatever you want to say. I can’t control that. Now, if you’re unhappy working with me… then we’re going just stop. I can not give a s—. ”

Mehr clarified that Liddy’s assertions are “ the opposite” of exactly what he’s asking, and that this individual just wants accurate information.

“ Simply no, Tom, that’s the opposite of what I’m saying. I would like to work with you. I want to obtain the right information. I no longer want disinformation out there. That is what I’m looking for, ” Mehr said.

“ I’m not saying you’re giving me poor information, ” he added. “ I’m just saying we’re getting a lot of info and we want to make sure what we’re getting is precise. ”

Liddy then accused Mehr associated with “ threatening” him.

“ You seem like you’re threatening me, ” he said.

Mehr responded: “ Now i’m definitely not threatening you, and I promise that. ”

Liddy continued: “ If I don’t get these answers to you quickly, you’re not going to be able to tell the insane people that I’ve been helpful. We don’t give a f—. Is that clear enough? ”

“ Yes Mary, and I want to promise you I’m not threatening you, ” Mehr responded. “ I’m just saying what I’m worried about. ”

Liddy shot back again, “ I don’t care. ”

Lake’s campaign adviser Caroline Wren explained that they had been trying to get to the bottom of many issues with Maricopa County officials, including why voting machines only had issues upon Election Day and not during the early voting process.

Eleven days after Election Day, votes are still getting counted in Maricopa Region following reports that up to 48% associated with vote tabulation machines malfunctioned that day.

About 85% of Maricopa County selection workers, including poll employees, clerks, and an selection judge, testified this week that they are “ not at all confident” in regards to the election outcome in Az, according to the Election Ethics Network.

Lake has not conceded to her Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs regardless of most mainstream media shops calling the gubernatorial competition for Hobbs on Mon.

In fact , the Lake campaign, together with the RNC, is suing Maricopa County for “ disenfranchising” voters over the widespread voting machine malfunctions chaos.

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