December 2, 2022

Musk asks Twitter users to select Trump’s future

The platform’s new TOP DOG has launched a poll on whether the former ALL OF US president should be unbanned

Elon Musk posted a vote on Twitter on Friday asking users whether they want to see former US President Donald Trump reinstated on the site. Their account was permanently suspended in early 2021 following the actual company called attempts to incite violence during the Capitol Hill riot.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO, who recently completed a $44 billion dollars deal to buy Twitter, submitted a poll titled: ‘ Reinstate former President Trump’, with the options ‘ yes’ or ‘ no’. Musk followed up on the blog post with the words ‘ Vox Populi, Vox Dei’, a Latin expression meaning ‘ the voice of the people is the voice of God’.

According to primary results, 53% of Twitter users would like to see Trump unbanned, with 46% towards. More than 7 million individuals so far have voted in the poll, which is expected to final until Sunday.

In May, before buying Twitter, Musk denounced Trump’s ban as  “ foolish, ”   signaling that he would reverse the decision if his acquisition deal went through.   “ Permanent bans must be extremely rare and really reserved for accounts that are robots or spam, scam balances. I do think it was not proper to ban Donald Trump, ”   this individual said at the time.

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The account of the former president was permanently suspended from Twitter in January 2021 over the actual social media site said were violations of its ‘ glorification of violence’ policy. Just before that, Trump, who at the time had almost 80 mil followers, repeatedly spoke in support of the people who stormed the united states Capitol building on January 6 to protest Later on Biden’s victory in 2020 presidential election.

The poll comes after Musk reinstated three high-profile balances earlier on Friday, including those of Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, liberal comedian Kathy Griffin, and the satire site Babylon Bee.

He or she also said that the new Twitter policy will be  “ freedom of speech, but not freedom of achieve, ”   and that  “ negative/hate tweets will be max deboosted and demonetized, ”   with penalties placed on individual posts rather than whole accounts.

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