December 6, 2022

‘Reinstate Alex Jones’: Sandy Connect Victim Family Member Tells Musk to Bring Back Infowars Founder

JT Lewis, brother of slain Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis, argued Jones needs to be brought back because lifetime ban legitimizes conspiracy theories.

The brother of a Sandy Hook victim has weighed in on the Alex Jones Twitter debate, calling on Twitter CEO Elon Musk to reinstate the embattled Infowars founder’s account.

Responding to Musk’s declaration Friday that Jones would not be returning to the woking platform, JT Lewis, the sibling of slain Sandy Catch victim Jesse Lewis, argued Jones should be brought back because his lifetime ban legitimizes his conspiracy theories.

“ Elon, I lost my brother in Exotic Hook. My family has been harassed by hoaxers for a decade, ” Lewis replied in order to Musk Friday, adding, “ But you should reinstate Alex Jones. ”

Lewis continued: “ Coordinated efforts in order to censor and ban him off social media only deepens his base by, to them, substantiating their crazy conspiracy theories! ”

For what it’s really worth, Jones never called upon listeners or his fans to harass Sandy Catch family members and this was certainly not proven in court.

Lewis’ mother, Scarlett Lewis, sued Jones to get defamation in Texas courtroom earlier this year, with a jury awarding her and Jesse Lewis’ father Neil Heslin an astonishing $45 million.

JT Lewis has since become a Republican politician who also attempted a run to get Connecticut state senate in 2020.

Lewis’ call for Jones’ account restoration comes as scores of Twitter users produced similar pleas for Musk to reexamine his decision Friday, prompting Jones’ name to trend on the platform, despite him not having an account.

While Musk on Friday announced the restoration associated with banned accounts belonging to satire site Babylon Bee, comic Kathy Griffin and thinker Jordan Peterson, he has thus far ignored the topic of Jones.

Jones issued responses to Musk’s decision, asking with the new Twitter boss  not to reinstate his account, but to restore free presentation on the platform as he promised.

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