December 6, 2022

Sean Stone & Vivian Kubrick Expose the Psy-Op associated with Media Feeding Cultural Drop

Mainstream media using combination of trauma-based mind control methods and coordinated disinformation advertisments to control the population.

Filmmakers Sean Stone and Vivian Kubrick join The Alex Jones Show to break down the media psyop at the heart of the cultural decline.

“ Look at Netflix right now. Most Netflix shows are about crime, serial killers, Dahmer, cannibalism, it’s a very challenging, dark perspective of fact, ” Stone said. “ And that’s what we’re becoming fed. ”

Kubrick observed how most local news affiliates spout out almost the same talking points word for word in many cases across the U. S i9000.

“ It’s very surreal when you actually start to see… the mainstream press cut together, all the speaking heads, and this super sinister alignment of what could possibly be saying is the same word, ” she said.

“ That is so terrifying to me. If only people could just see thirty seconds of those kinds of videos, they’re going to go, ‘ wait a minute, nobody is in fact independently reporting the news. ‘”

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