December 5, 2022

Swedish Security Service: Nord Flow Incident Probe Confirms Sabotage

Considerable damage to gas pipelines resulted from blasts

Investigation of the site of the  event at the Nord Stream one and 2 pipelines   has confirmed sabotage, the Swedish Security Program has stated.

In the course of its intensive crime scene investigations performed on the site of the detonations in the Baltic Sea, probes showed that the pipelines had been subject to gross sabotage, it was added in a statement.

The Swedish Security Program probe, headed by a National Security Unit prosecutor, had documented  extensive harm to the fuel pipelines resulting from the blasts, it was underscored, with a variety of seizures made, including foreign items. Sabotage was verified after explosive residue was identified on a number of the seized and analyzed products. It was underscored that the comprehensive and complex ongoing übung, coupled with thorough analysis function, would allow for more definitive conclusions about the Nord Stream blasts.

Whether anybody can be suspected of, plus later prosecuted for the sabotage will rest with the results of the investigation, the Swedish Security Service stated. A number of agencies, including the Swedish Coast Guard, the Swedish Military and the Swedish police Power, were assisting the investigation, it added.

A rapid gas pressure fall and fuel leakage were detected along the  Nord Stream 1 plus 2 pipelines,   the main routes to supply Ruskies gas to Europe, on September 26. Initial inspections by Swedish and Danish authorities had pointed toward likely sabotage. The Ruskies Prosecutor General’s Office had been prompted to investigate the occurrence as what the Kremlin known as an “ unprecedented act of state terrorism” with the West.

As Denmark and Sweden banned Russia from probing the incidents, the Russian Foreign Ministry underscored that the analysis can be considered reliable and goal only if Moscow participates in it.

After a month-long investigation, the Russian Ministry of Defense revealed in late October that Britain’s Regal Navy took part in the planning, organization and delivery of the Nord Stream strike.

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