November 26, 2022

Unique: Alex Jones Responds to Elon Musk’s ‘No’

“I’m going to give Elon Musk time to see what he’s going to do — I think the jury is out on him, ” says Infowars originator.

Alex Jones issued a response Saturday to Elon Musk’s refusal to restore his Twitter account, noting the outpouring of support for him and others who’ve been censored on the platform “ continues to be incredible. ”

“ The people understand they’re losing their freedoms, ” Jones said, “ and that the most corrupt, powerful corporate interests and the Communist Chinese and major government authorities have been illegally working in live concert to surveil and then censor the internet for political and cultural and economic manage. ”

Jones noted that Musk “ will be a hero” if he can successfully “ free Twitter, ” yet urged the American individuals not to put all their trust in Twitter’s new TOP DOG to fight the corporate-government censorship complex.

“ We can’t sit down there and just count on Elon Musk to do the right thing under this pressure, ” Jones said. “ We have to stand up to the organizations plus groups that themselves are placing pressure on Elon Musk to keep the internet a hell-scape globalist-controlled tyranny. ”

Jones said when Musk can “ provide freedom back to the web, ” then it will launch a new “ human renaissance, ” but until then, you should try for people to continue resisting the newest World Order’s enslavement program.

“ If he can create ‘ Internet X’ and bring independence back to the web, it will be Internet 3. 0 and he will be one of the most accomplished people in human history, ” Jones mentioned. “ Because just as the Gutenberg press 500 years back created the Renaissance, freeing the internet again will raise a new human renaissance. ”

“ This is actually the fight for everything. Our right to hear what we want to listen to, say what we want to say, it’s sacrosanct. It’s what made America, America. It’s those that have made us that city shining on the hill. ”

“ I’m going to give Elon Musk time to observe what he’s going to do, ” Jones concluded. “ I think the jury is out upon him. But regardless, we all the people of Earth – not just America – must continue to stand up and speak up and expose the tyrants that want to control what we should see, hear, and think. ”

Musk had simply said “ no” Friday when questioned if Alex Jones can return to Twitter, shortly after he echoed Anti-Defamation League talking points about “ hate” speech.

“ New Twitter policy is independence of speech, but not freedom of reach, ” Musk said. “ Negative/hate twitter posts will be max deboosted & demonetized, so no ads or other revenue in order to Twitter. You won’t find the tweet unless you specifically seek this out, which is no completely different from rest of Internet. ”

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