December 10, 2022

Vaxxed and Boosted Today Express Host Al Roker Tells He Was Hospitalized for Body Clots

Renowned TV weatherman admitted he previously not appeared on NBC morning show over history week due to being hospitalized for a blood clots.

Today express host Al Roker, that is double-vaccinated and boosted, pointed out he recently took some sort of weeklong break due to bloodstream clot issues.

In a tweet Tuesday, the iconic TV weatherman admired he had not appeared about NBC’s morning show in the last week because he’d ended up hospitalized for a clot that traveled from his leg to his heart.

“ So many involving you have been thoughtfully asking everywhere I’ve been, ” Roker claimed in a tweet. Last week I was admitted to the hospital w/blood clot in my leg which inturn sent some clots in my lungs. I am so blessed to be getting terrific worry and on the way to recovery. Nice all the well wishes & prayers. ”

Back in January 2021, Roker had publicized his first vaccination, receiving a Pfizer jab live on the Today Clearly show.

In late Sept. 2010 2022, Roker revealed he previously tested positive for Covid despite saying he “ got boosted last week. ” He claimed the jab reduced the severity involving his symptoms.

While it’s unclear if Roker’s issue has been caused by the numerous experimental vaccines he received, the CDC has heroic blood clots are a severe side effect with Covid vaccines, though many people claim they’re primarily linked to the Johnson & Johnson jab.

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Morticians and even embalmers have also reported locating massive blood clots within the blood of cadavers, the phenomenon they say began shortly after the COVID vaccine rollout.

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Considering the current health problems, it remains to be seen whether Roker will keep on his Covid vaccine regimen.

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