December 2, 2022

‘These Are The Real Cowards! ’: Alex Stein Confronts Armed Antifa Guarding Drag California king Grooming Event

“I’m so happy you’re safeguarding these children so they can go get indoctrinated and go in there for transgender tale time! ” he informs black bloc goons.

Comic Alex Stein made fools of armed Antifa thugs defending a drag princess or queen grooming event in Denton, Texas.

“ We’re at a book shop here in Denton, Texas, where they’re trying to do pull queen story hour, ” Stein said outside Patchouli Joe’s Books & Indulgences on Saturday.

Stein confronted several far-left black bloc activists who also had surrounded the bookstore to prevent reporters from covering a Drag Queen Tale Time show, some of them armed with AR-15s, others clutching pride flags.

“ These are the real cowards, they may hiding behind their masks, they got their little guns, ” Stein ongoing. “ They think most are so tough. ”

The particular bookstore had promoted the drag queen event upon its Facebook page and website .

This FREE occasion takes place during National Transgender Awareness Week, and will be managed by Patchouli Joe’s Publications & Indulgences – the family-owned, LGBTQ-friendly, independent book shop in the heart of Denton, Texas.

“ Oh our God guys, I’m so scared! Antifa brought along their play guns, their own little squirt guns! Do this mess up your artistry and crafts time? ” Stein asked Antifa.

“ Look just how scary there are! Oh my God this guy is so scary I’m so scared! Your dog is got his gun, he is a big bad guy. I’m so happy you’re protecting these children so they can go get indoctrinated and go in presently there for transgender story period. You’re such a good United states. ”

At one point, a masked Antifa type holding an indicator that read “ Wish here, we’re queer” accosted Stein while he was walking along the sidewalk.

Stein utilized his arm to create a buffer, but the protester fell towards the ground.

This particular comes just days after Stein trolled the Plano City Authorities pretending to be an ex teacher dressed as a furry begging the council to let him indoctrinate children along with critical race and gender theory.

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