December 6, 2022

Video clip: More Idiots Allowed To Harm Priceless Art In Newest ‘Climate Protest’

Why were they allowed to return for a photo op?

More ‘ climate change activists’ were allowed to vandalise a valuable artwork in Milan, Italy Sunday in the latest display of pointless attention seeking teenagers petulance.

Three youths and an older woman from a group that will calls itself ‘ Last Generation’ managed to throw flour all over a Andy Warhol piece, before being incomprehensibly allowed to return to the picture and sit cross legged on the ground next to the work like stubborn toddlers refusing to play nice.

The work they targeted was Warhol’s BMW Art Car, the painted sports car from 1979 that resides in Milan’s Fabbrica del Vapore.

The group had planned to glue them selves to the car windows, yet were dragged away before they had the chance, according to reports.

Further footage shows they were, however , brought back in order to sit in front of the car for that media.

The particular elder woman, a university or college researcher wearing a shirt on which was scrawled “ we now have 858 days left, ” stated that “ staying in the classroom or in workshop with my students without trying everything achievable to get governments to do their part has become unbearable to me, ” further declaring that will she was helping “ the last generation on the encounter of the planet that can still do something. ”

BMW’s cultural engagement department issued a response noting “ Art is as priceless as it is untouchable. It belongs to all associated with humanity and reflects the truly great achievements of which each of us is capable. Andy Warhol’s 1979 Art Car iis a remarkable masterpiece and we have no sympathy for a violent attack in the artist’s work defaced for a lot of decades. ”

As we highlighted last week , dozens of museums issued a statement condemning the attacks and saying that they are “ deeply shaken by their risky endangerment. ”

The culprits believe that attention-seeking to propagandize for environment change activism, a cause amplified by virtually every major press outlet, corporation, the entertainment industry, cultural institution, federal government and academia, is some kind of rebellious, edgy statement.

It isn’t.

How about the vandals do us all a favour and go after this shit rather?

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