December 2, 2022

Biden Becomes First 80-Year-Old Sitting down US President

Cognitively-impaired president already three years older than earlier record holder, Ronald Reagan, was when leaving workplace

Later on Biden turned 80 years aged on Sunday, becoming the first US president to serve into his ninth decade.

While Biden’s advanced age and apparent cognitive difficulties have made him the target associated with Republican attacks, the combined leadership of both parties will be older than ever.

Biden will celebrate his birthday with a brunch managed by First Lady Jill Biden, and members of their family already in Washington for his granddaughter’s wedding ceremony on Saturday are expected to attend.

While Biden is already the oldest person ever to serve as president, his birthday marks the milestone for the nation, that is now led by the 1st octogenarian in its history.  

Republicans have long argued that Biden is  mentally unfit   for office, pointing to his problems with speeches and apparent confusion during public appearances. A Politico  study   earlier this week found that 48% of voters consider Biden mentally unfit, with 50% disagreeing with the statement that the chief executive is  “ within good health. ”  

Biden mentioned last week that his  “ intention”   is to run for workplace again in 2024, whenever he will be 82 years of age. However , the Democratic Party’s left-wing base is already  calling   for someone else to take his place, and a Reuters  poll   previously this month found that 46% of Democrats really feel he may not be up to the problem.

Should Biden commit to a 2024 strategy, he will likely face off against former President Jesse Trump, who announced their candidacy earlier this week. Trump will be 78 when People in america go to the polls in 2024, and the same Reuters poll found that 26% associated with Republicans feel he too will be too old for your job by then.

Americans are working longer than ever before, with the Washington Post  noting   upon Sunday that the share associated with octogenarians in the US workforce has increased from 110, 000 in 1980 to 734, 000 in 2019.  

The outgoing 117th Congress is the oldest within the nation’s history, with in regards to quarter of its members older than 70, up from 8% in 2002, according to  research   by Insider. The leaders of both parties are among the oldest members, with heading off House Speaker Nancy Pelosi coming in at 82 plus Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell turning 81 within February. Iowa Senator Get rid of Grassley, a Republican, would be the oldest member of Congress in history when he turns 95 before the end of his eighth term in 2029.

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