December 6, 2022

CBS News FINALLY Admits Seeker Biden Laptop Real 2 YRS After New York Post Has been Censored For Breaking Story

Fake News appears to be getting ahead of fallout as House Republicans prepare to investigate Joe Biden when they regain majority within January.

CBS News is currently inexplicably reporting on the Seeker Biden laptop story TWO YEARS after the New York Post had been censored across the internet designed for originally breaking the story right before the 2020 presidential political election.

The “ CBS Mornings” segment on Monday barely scratched the surface regarding Hunter’s laptop, just acknowledging the laptop’s genuineness, which had been independently validated over two years ago.

“ The laptop computer data we had analyzed display no evidence it was faked or tampered with, ” said correspondent Catherine Herridge.

No kidding. Hunter’s laptop had been individually verified by The New York Article, The Daily Mail, and many more in 2020.

The New York Times acquired even admitted last April that Hunter’s laptop has been real and not “ disinformation” as the mainstream media, political figures, and former intel officials had claimed in October 2020 with no evidence.

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald mocked the absurdity of CBS News deceiving like it just broke the Hunter laptop story simply by pointing out that exact same news outlet in 2020 coordinated with the rest of the mainstream media to smear the storyplot as “ Russian disinformation. ”

“ A vital reminder: the media outlets that always tell you they will fight ‘ disinformation’ united right before the 2020 selection to spread an absolute then lie: this laptop was ‘ Russian disinformation. ‘ I knew it was a lie immediately and staked my profession on it. They lied *on purpose*, ” he tweeted.

Now instantly, as House Republicans are usually gearing up to launch investigations into Joe Biden upon taking the majority, CBS News appears to be getting ahead of the actual may find.

Users on social media were fast to pile on CBS News for its much-delayed whitewash.

This is why nobody trusts the mainstream press.

This arrives days after CBS News announced they would be hanging its activities on Tweets due to “ uncertainty” before backtracking and returning to the particular social media platform just forty eight hours later.

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