December 2, 2022

CNN’s New Boss Announces “Unsettling” Layoffs Coming in December

“There is widespread concern within the global economic outlook, and must factor that risk into our long-term preparing. “

In June of this calendar year, new CNN boss Philip Licht claimed that “ no layoffs” for the firm were pending, specifically observing:

“ As it relates to CNN, there are no layoffs per se… A layoff is really a downsizing, where you are given the target, and that is not happening at CNN. ”

This was after the embarrassing cancellation of the CNN+ streaming service following a substantial shortfall in expected viewers numbers, and right before the company dropped Brian Stelter through the roster along with  his failed show .   It seems that Licht has changed his mind, or experienced his mind changed meant for him as he announced layoffs are on the way starting the moment this December in a city hall meeting for workers.   The meeting adopted a memo  Licht released to employees   at the end of October in which he outlined the significance of the situation:

“ There is wide-spread concern over the global economic outlook, and we must aspect that risk into our long-term planning… That, by definition, is unsettling. These types of changes will not be easy simply because they will affect people, budgets, and projects. ”

Licht furthermore mentioned during the staff conference that a new organizational structure would be launched for CNN’s news gathering operation, since CNN management works on merging the digital and TELEVISION sections into a single unit.

The media conglomerate has faced a considerable downturn in recent years with numerous poorly rated shows and a higher level of suspicion from US audiences.   The company’s aggressive shift towards editorial reporting and leftist propaganda instead of fact based reporting created a sour reaction from audiences, and  CNN bled watchers   in large numbers.

CNN’s terrible performance has required action from David Zaslav and Discovery, with the brand new owners of Warner Press cleaning house and making sizable budget cuts.   Though Licht claims the cuts are his decision, clearly Discovery is not interested in funding dead weight companies like CNN any longer.    

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