December 2, 2022

Conservatives Slam ‘Woke’ Military Leadership

Report by GOP lawmakers accuses Pentagon of “woke virtue signaling” and lack of accountability

The US military plus political leadership is weakening the country’s combat capabilities  “ through a sustained strike that is fueled by woke virtue signaling, ”   a  report   by Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Consultant Chip Roy of Tx claims. The document was launched by the two Republican congress on Monday.

“ Rather than making the case for United states greatness and protecting the nation, the military is certainly parroting woke nonsense. Is actually dumb, it doesn’t work, and it’s really dangerous. We need to spend more time considering how to counter Chinese airplane carriers and less time thinking about pronouns, ”   Rubio  said   in a statement.

The 17-page record fires a broadside on President Joe Biden administration’s for allegedly  “ pushing critical race concept, sex reassignment procedures, and identity politics. ”   The report information that gender reassignment methods have  “ months-long recovery periods, ”   while people with orthodontic braces cannot even enlist till they are removed.

The lawmakers also slammed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin over a one-day stand-down purchase, issued in February 2021, that was purportedly needed to   “ discuss extremism in the ranks with their staff. ”   The particular order was  “ loved”   by Washington’s “ foreign adversaries like China and Russia” the lawmakers claimed.

Chairman of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, Common Mark Milley, was also criticized over his alleged attempts to spread critical competition theory and testimony to Congress on   “ white rage. ”

Rubio and Roy claimed within their report that racial extremism is a   “ virtual non-issue in the military. ”   Additionally they accused the US military of a lack of accountability, pointing in order to the  “ devastating withdrawal”   from Afghanistan in August 2021.

The survey noted that  “ no one faced consequences”   and the only servicemember who was reprimanded was a  “ lieutenant colonel who criticized the way the drawback was executed. ”   Stu Scheller, the Marine officer, was penalized and ordered to lose $5, 000 in pay out over his videos about the chaotic withdrawal.

The Pentagon, however , offers stood by its policies, insisting that the   “ diversity, inclusion, plus equality”   had been crucial to its success.

“ We often talk about weapons systems, yet every one of us will concur that our greatest weapons systems are our people. Therefore that’s why our policies to better leverage our people plus increase unit cohesion are essential here, ”   a DOD spokesperson stated in a statement to the press.

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