December 9, 2022

Elon Musk’s reasons to block Alex Jones’ return to Twitter have got nothing to do with the reason this individual was banned

A personal decision for Musk.

On Sunday,   Elon Musk   described why he decided Alex Jones’ account will not be reinstated.

Jones was permanently banned in 2018 over “ abusive behavior” towards a CNN reporter and not, despite public perception, for claims relating to the authenticity from the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre – that took place six years before Jones was banned.

Back in 2018, in Wa DC, Jones confronted Republican Senator Marco Rubio, interrupting his conversation with reporters. Jones called Senator Rubio a “ frat child. ” Jones later confronted CNN’s Oliver Darcy, phoning him a “ verweis, ” a “ sociopath, ” “ a possum that crawled out of the tail of a dead cow, ” and “ Hitler Youngsters. ” The interaction has been live-streamed on Periscope, a streaming app owned by  Twitter , that has since been shut down. Twitter suspended Jones following the event.

However , the main reason Alex Jones will apparently not be allowed back within the platform, at least according to brand new CEO Elon Musk, has nothing to do with the reason he was banned and is actually about decade-old comments Jones made asking the authenticity of the Sandy Hook school massacre by which 26 lives were dropped, the majority of which were children. Jones was successfully sued by families of the victims.

“ Alex fucked up with Exotic Hook. He admitted that and apologized, ” entrepreneur Kim Dotcom wrote on Tweets.

“ He also got a lot of ‘ conspiracy theories’ right. In the event that serial liars like Biden and Trump are allowed on Twitter then Alex Jones should be allowed too. Please reconsider in the attention of real free talk. ”

Musk responded by explaining why Jones was not going to be reinstated: “ My firstborn child died in my hands. I felt his final heartbeat. I have no whim for anyone who would use the fatalities of children for gain, politics or fame. ”

Jason Calacanis, a venture capitalist plus friend of Musk, who might be in part assisting with Musk’s direction for Twitter, also explained why Jones may not be allowed back.

“ Alex Jones is pure evil and the easiest case for any system to adjudicate— in my opinion (and that’s all it is folks! ), ” Calacanis published on Twitter. “ $1. 4b in judgments throughout multiple jurisdictions in the United States, where speech almost always default is victorious over victim suffering. ”

A few of the key figures that have been permitted back on Twitter consist of former  President Donald Trump ,   comedian Kathy Griffin, and Kanye West . However , Trump said he would not have to get using Twitter, preferring his own social media platform  Reality Social .

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