December 2, 2022

Meta Shares Spike on Document Mark Zuckerberg to Resign Next Year

Report suggests the move is linked to investor frustration with Zuckerberg’s push to double-down over the Metaverse

Shares associated with Meta are spiking right after an unconfirmed report that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will  step down next year.

According to  the Leak , the decision “ will not affect metaverse, ” the company’s multi-billion dollar project.

Info obtained by The Leak suggests that Zuckerberg has decided to phase down himself.   The decision, per our insider supply, “ will not affect metaverse” – Mark’s multi-billion dollar project, which has dragged Meta along with it as the firm saw a  substantial profit decline   earlier this year.

Throughout every season, despite shareholder skepticism plus concerns, Zuckerberg has been driven to  aggressively drive   forward with his risky plan on the Metaverse – his VR wager, which he claims will pay away from in the long run. -the Leak

The report suggests the move is definitely linked to  investor frustration with Zuckerberg’s push in order to double-down on the Metaverse, observing an  open letter   from Brad Gerstner, whose fund Altimeter Capital owns hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of Meta shares. The letter, which outlines how investors have lost trust in the company, lays away a three-point plan to right the ship which includes  “ Limit investment within metaverse / Reality Labs to no more than $5B per year. ”

Zuckerberg already has plans to  let go   of thousands of employees. This is in line with a general craze in the tech industry and with investor worries about headcount costs, which were outlined on view letter by Altimeter Capital. Yet, it’s unlikely the two parties will see eye to eye when it comes to the metaverse.  

Although he’s withstood similar pressures multiple times over the years,   Metaverse’s  overestimation   of public interest in digital escapism is might be the particular endgame of Zuckerberg’s long-standing reign. -the Leak

The outlet offers reached out to Meta designed for comments. Stay tuned for improvements.

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