December 2, 2022

Peak Woke! Deaf, Mute & Trans Person “Sings” Whitney Houston On Television

You might wish you were deaf after witnessing the performance

A video clip going viral on the internet shows a person who’s allegedly deaf, mute and transgender singing Whitney Houston’s classic song “ I Will Continually Love You” on a B razil television show.

Officer Brandon Tatum challenged his audience to watch the particular performance “ without laughing” and asked why the show’s producers would put the individual on the stage in the first place.

“ Someone should go to jail designed for putting this man up here like this, ” he joked.

The popular podcast “ Louder With Crowder” also covered the strange performance.

Keep in mind, the deaf, mute plus blind Helen Keller has been famous for her accomplishments in the face of adversity – not since the establishment forced her directly into popularity.

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