November 26, 2022

Survey: App Store ‘Gatekeepers’ Could Deplatform Twitter Itself

Journalist connections Apple, Amazon & Google asking if they plan to do something.

App store ‘ gatekeepers’ Apple, Google Play and Amazon can all decide to deplatform Tweets itself following new owner Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech, according to a written report.

Speculation over app stores possibly targeting Twitter intensified right after Apple executive Phil Schiller deactivated his Twitter be the cause of no apparent reason days after Donald Trump has been restored to the platform.

Twitter users also noticed that the official Apple accounts itself had apparently removed all of its tweets, although it was later revealed that this was nothing new.

According to a report by Fast Company, “ Musk is playing an unhealthy game that could spell game over for the platform this individual just bought” by their supposed failure to moderate impose stringent moderation.

“ Musk’s platforming of hateful content might get Twitter itself deplatformed, ” writes Clint Rainey, incorporating that the company could be on a “ collision course” along with app store “ gatekeepers. ”

Rainey great ilk are mad that will Musk has culled the amount of “ moderators employed to harmful content and impose Twitter’s rules against this. ”

Presenting again how journalists now weaponize their platforms to attempt to chill free speech, Fast Company contacted Apple, Google and Amazon to inquire further if they planned to deplatform the Twitter app alone, but none responded.

The article notes exactly how both Parler and Reality Social were at one stage banned from app stores before they were forced to agree to more draconian moderation policies.

While it’s incredibly unlikely the Twitter app itself would certainly ever be deplatformed, the particular ‘ gatekeepers’ could the actual example of advertisers by placing pressure on Musk in order to impose tighter censorship, as a result derailing the billionaire’s stated goal to “ free the bird” and regain true freedom of conversation.

Given that Apple is also likely to take a big cut of Twitter’s brand new $8 subscription service, economic motive is also in place to keep a good relationship with Musk.

Much of the particular hysteria seems to be based about Musk allowing accounts that had been unfairly banned or suspended on the platform, such as these operated by the Babylon Bee and Jordan Peterson, to return.

Trump themself returning to the platform, despite requiring he has no plans to actually use his account once again, has also instilled terror into censorious leftists who fearfulness they are losing power within the ability to shut down adversarial sounds.

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