December 9, 2022

Ukraine Tells People Not To Stress As WHO Warns Of ‘Life-Threatening’ Winter

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced in a Mon statement that the power scenario in Ukraine is so serious that it will potentially be  “ life-threatening” for millions of Ukrainians  due to the recent damaging series of Russian air assaults on the national energy grid. “ Put simply – this winter will be about success, ”   Hans Kluge, regional director for Europe […]#@@#@!!

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced in a Monday statement that this power situation in Ukraine is so dire that it will potentially be  “ life-threatening” for millions of Ukrainians  due to the recent devastating series of Russian air attacks on the nationwide energy grid.

“ Put simply – this winter is going to be about survival, ”   Hans Kluge, local director for Europe on the United Nations’ health entire body,   said   from the Ukrainian funds. “ This winter will be life-threatening for millions of people in Ukraine, ” he added.  

The particular attacks, the last major influx of which came this past Wednesday and continued intermittently in to the weekend, are “ currently having  knock-out results on the health system   and on the someones health, ” Kluge defined.  

“ Continued attacks on health insurance and energy infrastructure mean countless hospitals and health care facilities are no longer fully operational, ” the WHO official mentioned.   “ We expect two to three million a lot more people to leave their houses in search of warmth and safety, ”   he or she forewarned.  

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal last Friday estimated that half of the entirety from the country’s energy infrastructure continues to be disabled by the Russian episodes at this point. Millions are already with out power as temperatures plunge and Kiev saw the first snow of the season starting days ago.  

“ However Russia continues to carry out missile strikes on Ukraine’s civilian and critical infrastructure.   Almost half of our own energy system is disabled , ” Shmyhal was reported in  Reuters  as saying.

Politico reported last week that Congressional leaders had been given classified intelligence reports detailing the expected impact of Russia’s campaign to degrade Ukraine’s power grid.  

“ The Ukrainian government is warning Western allies that it is anticipating improved Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure in the arriving days and that Kyiv  does not have enough replacement parts to bring heat and strength back online if all those occur , according to two congressional officials and one Western official briefed on Oughout. S. intelligence, ” the  report said .

Politico   detailed further that “ Ukrainian authorities have in recent times asked their American counterparts and more than half a dozen Europe for assistance preparing for a  prolonged period with limited electricity and fuel   — a scenario Kyiv expects in order to complicate fighting on the ground and displace civilians, the officials and an adviser to the Ukrainian government said. ”

Amid crisis rolling blackouts and town or regional mandates banning use of large appliances along with other imposed consumption limits, Ukraine government officials are  urging the people not to anxiety . “ Denying the particular panicky statements spread by social networks and online media, we assure you that the situation with the energy supply is difficult, but in check, ” the energy ministry  said   in a Saturday statement.

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