November 25, 2022

ALL OF US to Disburse $4. 5 Billion Direct Budget Assistance for Ukraine

American funds will go to ‘wages for hospital workers, government workers, teachers as well as social assistance for the elderly and vulnerable’ in Ukraine

The united states Treasury announced on Tuesday that it would disburse $4. 5 billion to Ukraine in the coming weeks, based on a press release.

“ Today, the us continued to uphold the unwavering commitment to Ukraine with the mobilization of an extra $4. 5 billion in grants for direct spending budget support, ” Treasury Admin Janet Yellen said in the release.

“ These funds will start disbursing in the coming several weeks and help the Government associated with Ukraine defend against Russia’s unlawful war by bolstering financial stability and supporting core government services, including wages for hospital workers, government employees, and teachers and also social assistance for the seniors and vulnerable. ”

She noted that the latest disbursement would provide total US direct spending budget support to Ukraine to $13 billion, all within grants.

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