November 26, 2022

Children’s Author Who Complained associated with Severe Vaccine Side Effects Dies Suddenly

‘Having an extremely bad time after second Pfizer jab; can barely stand, ME symptoms with the roof. I’m alone plus scared. Anyone been through this particular and out the other side? ‘ asked author Marcus Sedgwick.

A British author of children’s publications who once complained associated with suffering severe side effects from a Covid jab died instantly Thursday.

The death of kid’s author Marcus Sedgwick, 54, was reported last week simply by his publisher RCW having an announcement describing his passing as “ unexpected. ”

Before the Covid outbreak, Sedgwick explained he’d for a long time suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

On Twitter in July 2021 , Sedgwick documented how he was “ scared” his ME symptoms were exacerbated after getting a second Covid-19 jab.

“ Hello #peME #MECFS Sorry to put this here but I can really do with some good stories, ” Sedgwick told his Twitter audience of over 10 thousand followers. “ Having a very bad period after second Pfizer jab; can barely stand, ME symptoms through the roof. Now i’m alone and scared. Anybody been through this and out the other side? ”

Previous tweets indicate Sedgwick considered Covid-19 to be a very serious illness and didn’t consider kindly to people advocating naturopathic remedies.

Sedgwick had written over 40 books for adults and children in the dark hype genre and received many literary awards as noted by The particular Guardian :

Sedgwick’s function was shortlisted for more compared to 30 awards, including five nominations for the Carnegie medal, two for the Edgar Allan Poe award and 4 for the Guardian children’s fiction prize.

He was also probably the most noted author in the history of the Printz award, along with one win and 2 honour books. He received the Branford Boase prize for his debut story, Floodland, and the Booktrust Teen prize for My Swordhand Is Singing.

Sedgwick’s standard cause of death has not been exposed as of writing.

His untimely loss of life comes amid a worrying trend of people around the world perishing unexpectedly since rollout of the experimental Covid-19 injections, a phenomenon that has been chronicled within a recent documentary by the Stew Peters Network titled, “ Died Suddenly . ”

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