December 9, 2022

Several fatalities in Walmart bulk shooting

A gunman opened fire inside a supermarket in Chesapeake, Virginia

Police possess confirmed  “ multiple”   fatalities and injuries after a  player with the dice opened fire inside a Walmart store in eastern Va on Tuesday night, though the exact number of victims is not really clear. The suspect is usually believed to be dead.

A spokesman intended for the  Chesapeake Police Department  told reporters   that officers received a call about a capturing just after 10pm local period, noting that they  “ responded in an active-shooter fashion. ”  

Police found  “ multiple fatalities and multiple injured parties”   after entering the store, but the spokesman suggested the shooting had already ended at that point.  

“ All of us believe it was a single present shooter, and we believe that shooter can be deceased at this time, ”   he added, saying he could not confirm if the gunman was killed by a self-inflicted wound.

According to the spokesman, officers failed to fire any rounds.

The Chesapeake PD was unable to provide a total number associated with fatalities in the tragic incident, but  said  it is believed to be  “ lower than 10. ”

Despite  rumors  that will the  gunman was a supervisor at the Walmart store, the authorities spokesman declined to confirm regardless of whether he worked there, explaining that officers were still at the scene investigating. The particular Virginia State Police are usually assisting local authorities in their probe.

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