December 5, 2022

Spouse of New Special Counsel in Trump Probe Donated to Joe Biden, Rashida Tlaib

Jack Smith’s wife also produced Michelle Obama documentary — but don’t worry, there’s no bias here!

The wife of the special counsel recently tapped by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate former Chief executive Trump donated to the strategies of Joe Biden and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich. ), according to government records.

Government Election Commission (FEC) records show that Jack Smith’s wife, Katy Chevigny, donated $1, 000 to Biden’s 2020 campaign and one more $1, 000 to their Biden Victory PAC.

She also donated $150 to the Friends of Rashida Tlaib committee in July 2008 when the far-left “ Team ” member was running for the Michigan House of Representatives in the california’s 12th District.

Not only that, but Chevigny also produced the 4-time Emmy winning 2020 documentary about Michelle Obama called “ Becoming. ”

Garland announced Friday the appointment of Chevigny’s spouse, Smith, as special advice to head both the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation “ and aspects of a separate probe” straight into January 6.

“ I am here in order to announce the appointment of the special counsel in connection with two ongoing criminal investigations that have received significant public attention, ” Garland said.

“ The first… is the investigation into whether any person or enterprise unlawfully interfered with the exchange of power following the 2020 presidential election or the qualification of the Electoral College vote… The second is the ongoing analysis involving classified documents as well as other presidential records as well as the possible obstruction of that investigation. ”

Former President Trump slammed the “ political” stunt by Biden’s Justice Department shortly after, saying he “ is not going to partake ” in this new investigation after many years of previous probes into your pet.

“ I have already been going through this for 6 years — for six years I have been going through this, and I am not going to go through it anymore, ” Trump  said. “ And I hope the Republicans have the courage to fight this. ”

“ I have already been proven innocent for six years on everything — from fake impeachments to Mueller, who found no collusion, and now I have to do it a lot more? It is not acceptable. It is therefore unfair. It is so politics, ” the 45th leader added.

“ I am not going to partake in it, ”   said  Trump. “ I’m not going to partake in this. ”

Meanwhile, clear crimes with the defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX, the human trafficking coyotes at the southern border, and Later on Biden’s son Hunter keep on being ignored by the DOJ.

The fact the Biden regime isn’t even looking to avoid the appearance of a two-tiered system of justice in its brand new political witch hunt against Trump is revealing and disturbing.

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