March 30, 2023

Thursday Emergency Thanksgiving Broadcast: Balenciaga Story Bigger Than Pizzagate

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Alex Jones covers the newest developments in the sickening Balenciaga child exploitation story as well as the reason behind the establishment’s press of Satanic imagery.

Read more about the disturbing ad campaigns in the links under this video.

High-End Fashion Brand name Ads Show Young Kids Keeping Sex Bondage Teddy Bears Along with Child Porn Court Documents In Background

Pedophilia, Cannibalism & The Occult: Balenciaga Saga Gets Even More Garbled

It’s Worse Than All of us Thought: Balenciaga Replaces Child BDSM-Themed Ads with New Creepy Campaign that Features Belgian Painter Known for “ Pedophilia, Blood Ritual, Occultism, Cannibalism, Racism”

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