Video: Sam Harris Claims It had been An “Accident” That NEW YORK Post Was Right About Hunter Biden Laptop

He previously accepted he ‘wouldn’t have cared for if Hunter Biden experienced corpses of children in his basement’

Lefty ‘ philosopher’ Mike Harris, who previously admitted he supported the reductions of reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop immediately prior to the election, has now claimed that this New York Post’s reporting to the story was accurate just “ by accident. ”

Speaking with Bill Maher on his podcast, Harris declared that the reaction to him saying he more than likely have cared if Hunter Biden had corpses of kids in his basement was “ right wing lunacy, ” and that it “ type of distorted my position. ”

Harris more declared that “ the velocity of the hatred was something new, ” and claimed that “ it was completely possible to worry that this was a fake story… there simply was not enough time to get to the bottom of it. ”

Maher challenged him around the suppression of the laptop story, noting “ Well then why did the outlets that did get to the bottom from it, get to it? The New York Post had no problem getting to the bottom of it. ”

Harris replied, “ They wanted to believe this and yes, you know, occasionally you’re right by accident. ”

Maher responded, “ Can I go to second step of what the two acceptable people in the room might agree on. One, they’d agree it was kind of suppressed. Two, they’d agree that Hunter Biden, being the child of the current Vice Leader, and being a complete douchebag, was ripe to be used as being a conduit to his father, through which he was, but nothing to really. It was kind of kind of everyday graft, that’s sleazy, but doesn’t affect the planet. ”

“ It’s possible we still how to start, right, ” Harris responded, adding “ I’ll provide some credence to the possibility that it’s worse than I realize. But the problem is ten days is not enough to figure that will out and we knew that it was going to rail the issue. ”

Harris after that attempted to steer the discussion to Trump and his management being more corrupt compared to Biden.


The New You are able to Post story on the Hunter Biden laptop was censored on Tweets and other platforms and labelled ‘ Russian disinformation ‘ in a chilling example of election meddling fewer than 3 days before the vote that noticed Biden take the White House.

It has since been proven that the story is totally accurate, with   journalists such as Glenn Greenwald describing the cover up as “ the single biggest media fraud” previously decade.

Harris put himself all over the news again this week by criticising Elon Musk’s attempts to restore free speech on Twitter:

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