March 24, 2023

The particular Colorado Gay Club Capturing is Being Used to Shut Down Issue on Child Sexualization

Blaming ‘Libs of TikTok’ to get a deranged murderer’s actions can be shameless politicization.

Almost as repugnant as the deadly attacks that are occurring with alarming frequency in the usa is the speed with which specific individuals rush to politicize them. The Club Queen massacre in Colorado Springs, which usually left five dead plus 18 injured, was certainly no exception.

The Democrats’ reaction kicked off with predictable calls for gun control. In this particular tragedy, however , the monster, 22-year-old Andersen Lee Aldrich, should never have been allowed to purchase a gun in the first place. Moreover, he or she should have been high on the particular FBI’s ‘ person of interest’ radar.

A year-and-a-half before Aldrich went on his deadly shooting spree, this troubled young man (who, according to court documents, has started to identify as non-binary and use the pronouns them/they)  threatened   his family with a home made bomb, forcing neighbors to evacuate while police talked him into surrendering. Yet, despite this, the district attorney associated with Colorado, Michael J. Allen, not only refused to press charges, but did not enforce Colorado’s red-flag laws, which would have prevented Aldrich through purchasing a firearm. Had the particular Democratic-run state of Colorado enforced its own laws, 5 people might still be lively today.

Maybe sensing the weakness of their anti-gun position, the Democrats rushed to politicize the particular tragedy by blaming traditional figures for instigating the violence.

Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chastised her Republican colleague Consultant Lauren Boebert in the wake of the tragedy for  “ elevating anti LGBT+ hate rhetoric and anti-trans lies, ”   while MSNBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny took aim in a popular Twitter account for merely pointing out what is becoming more and more clear to many Americans.

Online… this Libs of TikTok account, which feeds bigger media like Fox News stories, what has occurred is the demonization of LGBTQ people, calling them ‘ groomers’ and ‘ pedophiles, ‘”   said Zadrozny. “ This kind of thing, whether it’s motive delete word, what we know is that is actually just another reason why LGBTQ individuals are scared. ”

Yet the goal of  voices like Libs of TikTok, which uses actual progressive sources, is not  “ the demonization of LGBTQ people, ”   as Zadrozny argues, but rather to glow a spotlight on an concern that many millions of people view being a serious problem. A recent vote showed that  57%   of Us citizens support a ban on training young children about sexual alignment and transgender issues in public schools.

At the same time, it does not require much digging to see that the  sexualization   of youngsters is really happening. Consider a latest advertising campaign by the famous style house, Balenciaga.

The photo shoot features a very young girl holding a teddy bear that is dressed up in a bondage outfit. Another picture in the series  displays a Balenciaga bag along with a sheaf of documents, one of which appears to reference  the 2002 US Supreme Court case “ Ashcroft vs Free Speech Coalition, ” which usually struck down some provisions in an anti-child pornography law. The paper wasn’t showcased prominently, but it’s difficult to imagine it  ended up there  by accident.

Even though the left would like people to disregard it, it stands to reason that these highly suggestive images could inspire acts of violence against children, albeit of the different kind from these witnessed at the Colorado Springs gay and lesbian club. The only way to address these types of very real threats in order to children is to speak freely about them.

Youngsters today are being exposed to the slew of complex ideas and actions – through questioning their ‘ true’ gender, to watching pull queens perform at the nearby gay club. Having been exposed to such radical concepts at most impressionable age, an increasing number of the younger generation eventually make the fateful decision to have a sex-change operation.  

It is only natural that millions of Americans will want to make their opinions heard upon these topics that could have life-long consequences for their children. They should be able to do so without facing accusations of being accomplices to murders carried out by deranged individuals. But so far as the left is concerned, anyone who speaks out against the sexualization of children will be responsible for getting more people killed, much like we saw at Club Q.

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