February 5, 2023

Video: Justin Trudeau Preaches ‘Diversity’ on Canadian Drag Show

Canadian Prime Minister tells drag queens he’s “fighting the good fight on the right aspect. “

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lectured regarding diversity in an appearance in the country’s spin-off of “ RuPaul’s Drag Race. ”

“ Can we move further than ‘ tolerate’ and start taking on, and loving, and acknowledging, and learning from, and being challenged by, that’s the way you build a resilient society, that may be what we’re trying to fag Canada, and we’ve got a lot of work still to do, ” he told the drag queens Friday.

When asked about his racial variety initiatives in “ the truly amazing White North, ” Trudeau said “ we perform diversity better than just about any additional place in the world; it doesn’t matter what occur to be background is, where if you’re from, who you love, you enrich this place. ”

The pull queen cast members fawned over Trudeau after he left he set, along with one praising him to make it “ easy for immigrants” to migrate to Canada.

“ I have full-body goosebumps, ” one Drag Race solid member said after desperate to Trudeau, “ hate to see you leave, like to watch you walk away, infant! ”

“ I love him so much due to the fact people like him made it easy for immigrants to move here and have a chance for any better life, so like, seeing him, being right here, it’s actually, like, such, such as, it’s so nice, ” the cast member stated.

The 50-year-old prime minister later gushed to the drag queens upon Twitter.

“ Thank you for having me, plus thank you for what you’re performing. Because you’re making a difference. You’re showing people all over the world that you can be who you are. Which you can be proud of it, ” he tweeted Saturday.

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