February 4, 2023

Ron Paul: Separate Tech plus State

We have to work to put an end in order to government officials pressuring or perhaps “encouraging” social media platforms either to silence any American citizen because of his views or to downplay or reduce any news story.

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) recently got in touch with his inner mobster and threatened Elon Musk — the new owner associated with Twitter and the CEO associated with electric car company Tesla and space ventures company SpaceX. He told Musk, “ Fix your companies” or “ Congress may. ” As part of this risk, Markey referred to an ongoing National Highway Traffic Safety Management (NHTSA) investigation into Tesla’s autopilot driving system and Twitter’s 2011 consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission rate (FTC).

Markey has done more than create threats: He is one of a group of Democratic senators who had written to the FTC urging an investigation into whether Musk’s activities as the new owner of Twitter violated the permission decree or consumer defense laws. Since FTC Chair Lina Khan wants to investigate as many businesses as possible, it is likely she will respond favorably to the senators’ letter.

President Biden has also supported an investigation into the role international investors played in funding Musk’s Twitter purchase. Biden may be concerned that Musk is not likely to ban tweets regarding Hunter Biden’s company deals.

Worries that Musk would allow tweets containing information embarrassing (or worse) to the Biden administration point to the real reason numerous Democratic politicians and intensifying writers and activists are usually attacking Musk. They support efforts to suppress traditional, libertarian, and other “ non-woke” speech on social media. They will view the prospect of a major platform refusing to quiet those who dissent from the woke mob or the Democratic Party establishment as a threat to their power. Musk further angered the left by carrying out what, to many Democrats (and Liz Cheney), is the greatest hate crime — enabling Donald Trump back upon Twitter.

The particular threat against Musk shows the threat to freedom is not just from big technology; it is from the alliance in between big tech and large government.

Some conservatives think that increasing government’s power over social media will be the correct way to make big tech respect free conversation. However , increasing the US government’s power over social media can just end up putting more power behind government threats like those from Rep. Markey. Expanded government control over how social media companies conduct their own business can also further incentivize the companies to work with the federal government to shut down free speech.

Once the government steps in with increased regulation, the risk is the fact that greater government control over what exactly is communicated on social media will follow. The question will just be who might be calling the shots around the exercise of that control. Will certainly the result be an increase from the liberal or “ woke” pressure on social media businesses to silence conservatives, libertarians, opponents of teaching critical competition theory and transgenderism within schools, and those who query the safety and performance of covid vaccines? Alternatively, will a new sort of stress become dominant, maybe stress to comply with conservative or Republican preferred limits upon speech? Either way, liberty manages to lose.

Big tech companies silence their users to curry favor along with politicians and bureaucrats, usually after “ encouragement” through politicians and bureaucrats. Consequently , to end big tech’s censorship, Americans should demand that most government officials — including the president — not break the First Amendment. We must work to put an end to authorities officials pressuring or even “ encouraging” social media platforms possibly to silence any United states citizen because of his opinions or to downplay or reduce any news story. The way to defend free speech online would be to separate tech and condition.

This informative article first appeared at RonPaulInstitute. org .

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