February 4, 2023

Video clip: Fauci Blames Trump With regard to China’s COVID Cover Up

Brags that will GOP investigation of him is “not going to happen”

The overlord of science Anthony Fauci blamed President Trump Sunday for China’s continued obfuscation of the roots of COVID, claiming that it was Trump’s “ anti-China approach” that encouraged the Communist state to be non-cooperative.

Now that they have retired, Anthony Fauci will be devoting even more time to their favourite hobby, appearing in news reports, shilling for China, and telling people to get booster shots.

In his latest appearance on CBS’ Face The Nation, Fauci declared “ What happens is that in case you look at the anti-China approach, that clearly the Trump management had right from the very beginning, and the accusatory nature, the Chinese are going to flinch back and say, Oh, I’m sorry, jooxie is not going to talk to you about this, which is not correct. They should be. ”

“ I think that horse is out of the barn, and they’re extremely suspicious of anybody seeking to accuse them, ” Fauci continued, adding “ We have to have an open dialogue with their scientists and our scientists, keep the politics out of it. And let the scientists- because these are scientists that we’ve known for years, and we’ve collaborated using them. ”


He or she also blamed Republicans for politicising COVID and stated he has “ never been” political:

Fauci furthermore claimed that China frequently “ acts secretive” actually “ when there’s nothing whatsoever to hide, ” citing the particular SARS-CoV-1 outbreak in the earlier 2000s as one example.

That would be the outbreak that The far east tried to underplay and cover up then.

CBS host Margaret Brennan asked Fauci in case he “ agrees with that word cover-up? ” to which he responded “ I don’t know what that means. ”

“ I’m not sure what these people talking about. I mean, if cover-up is not allowing people to come in and look at all the data, that’s not a cover, that’s not being clear, ” he further mentioned.

In a separate interview on NBC, Fauci repeated the claim that China always acts secretive and weird… nothing a new comer to see here.

“ Even when there’s nothing to hide they act in a dubious, non-transparent way just most likely because they don’t want to make it look like there’s a blame, ” Fauci proclaimed.

Throughout both interviews, Fauci shilled for more booster vaccines, declaring that multiple shots each year will be needed, and we are still in a pandemic.

And don’t forget to test everyone before dinner…

He or she also said he “ doesn’t know” if schools will shut down again:

Finally Fauci, bragged that now the particular Republicans don’t have control over the Senate, an investigation of your pet led by Rand Paul is “ not going to occur. ”

In the meantime, over at ABC, the latest Biden COVID minion Ashish Jha was asked “ what do you do? ” in response to the fact that “ People aren’t listening” when being told by Fauci while others to get booster shots.

As we mentioned last week, Jha says he or she really believes that “ God gave you two arms” so you can be injected with both the COVID booster and the Flu shot.

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