February 1, 2023

Video clips: Maricopa Board of Administrators SHREDDED By Disenfranchised ARIZONA Voters Ahead of Election Certification

“If you certify today, the one thing you’ll be certifying is your corruption! “

Videos of Arizona voters and poll employees railing against the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are going viral ahead of the county’s intend to certify the state’s political election despite numerous unresolved legalities.

A single video that’s particularly persuasive features Real America’s Voice’s Ben Bergquam pointing out there the many problems voters confronted on Election Day earlier this month.

“ If this election is certainly certified, the only people who will benefit is the cartels. They’ve taken over Mexico and unfortunately they’ve taken over many politicians in America, ” he stated Monday.

“ What  all of us saw on election day was outrageous and to state it was anything but that is, possibly you think we’re stupid or even you’re just that arrogant. ”

“ What we’ve seen from you as well as the election office in your response… this is all semantics… You could have already made your vote… If you certify today, the only thing you’ll be certifying is your corruption, ” he added.

Dozens of poll employees and observers brought up the number of of the voting machines weren’t working on Election Day time, while others pointed out how the Panel of Supervisors had launched a PAC to target Republican candidates .

These testimonies reflect the fact that 84% associated with Maricopa County poll workers, volunteer attorneys, and poll watchers said they were “ not at all confident” about the political election outcome.

The particular Board of Supervisors announced that Maricopa County might canvas and certify its election results on Monday after the board meeting, compelling protesters to show up outdoors its chambers calling to get a new election.

Meanwhile, several other Arizona areas pledged Never to certify the election results, citing inefficiencies and malfeasance by condition election officials.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has refused in order to concede to Democrat challenger Katie Hobbs – who also happens to oversee the political election as Arizona’s Secretary of State.

Watch the LIVE Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meeting:

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