February 4, 2023

Washington Post Tells Americans To EAT BUGS As They Can No Longer Pay for Traditional Seasonal Dinners

“Consumers can already discover foods like salted ants on Amazon and cricket powder protein bars in grocery stores. “

The Washington Post recommended Americans Sunday that instead of a traditional season dinner, which now is too expensive for a quarter of family members , they should instead look to eating bugs.

Yes really.

In an article headlined Salted ants. Ground crickets. Why you ought to try edible insects , the Post stated “ Consumers can already find foods like salted ants on Amazon and cricket powder protein bars in Swiss grocery stores. ”

Yummmmm, ants.

The piece cited a six year old female in Pennsylvania who was supposedly given a rousing ovation by onlookers for consuming fried worms.

The piece states “ It’s not that bad! ” she exclaimed. “ It kind of tastes like kettle corn! ”

There might be the usual crap about crickets having more protein than beef and everyone within third world countries already eating them, so why are you any better… etc

“ Watching others enjoy insects may also help break down barriers, ” the piece states under a sub headline “ Creating a new norm. ”

It additional states “ before pests can become common fare, more diners must be convinced that six-legged critters are, in fact , food. Through tasting tests, surveys and educational demos, researchers, entrepreneurs and teachers are delving into consumers’ psychology and finding that resistance from insect-eating can be strong. ”

You don’t state.

We’re not eating fucking bugs.

This is the latest in a developing trend of pushing bug eating on the masses as a way of ‘ saving the particular planet’.

A major supermarket chain in the UK is finalising plans to share insects on its racks and market them as being a cheap food source for individuals struggling to afford to feed their families amid soaring pumpiing and the cost of living crisis.

The Day-to-day Mail reported recently that Aldi is definitely considering stocking ‘ edible’ bugs and providing recipe kits for parents to get ready worms and crickets for their hungry children.

Potential products in the range include ‘ sustainable’ cricket burgers, as well as ‘ nuggets’ and ‘ mince’.

Just when you thought this couldn’t get anymore more dystopian, the supermarket is involved with a TELEVISION game show in which pest ‘ farmers’ will pitch the bugs as the ‘ next big thing’ intended for Aldi, according to the report.

Recently, Canadian business The Aspire Food Team pledged to create 9000 tons of insects per year for human and pet consumption after completing construction of the planet’s biggest cricket food digesting centre.

In addition to crickets, worms and maggots are also big in Europe.

There are even plans to feed them to school kids :

How about a weed side salad? And why not wash down your worm food with a  tall refreshing cup of sewage?

in 2020, the entire world Economic Forum published 2 articles on its website which explored how people could be conditioned to get used to the thought of eating weeds, bugs plus drinking sewage water to be able to reduce CO2 emissions.

A separate  article released on the WEF website discussed how people can be conditioned to enjoy consuming ‘ food’ which on the surface sounds disgusting.

The ‘ Great Reset’ is about enacting a drastic reduction in living standards for the plebs which will power them to put bugs, weeds and sewage on the menus while the Davos elites continue to feast on the finest food in their ivory towers.

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