February 4, 2023

BUSTING: Extremist SJW Judge Reports First Amendment Dead

Alex Jones breaks down the particular blatant violation of their civil rights as a judge declares the death from the 1st Amendment in the Sandy Hook trials.

Alex Jones explains how the blatant violation of his civil rights during the Exotic Hook show trials transmission the death of the First Amendment.

Jones explained how a judge upheld the particular Texas ruling that he spend $45 million in punitive damages despite a regulation capping that amount within the state, and even retroactively found Jones guilty of new offences.

“ People reading this, even top lawyers that didn’t want to contact Alex Jones with a 10 foot pole, didn’t understand what this is are now waking up and so are now taking action mainly because they’re like ‘ wow my God, you can’t accomplish that, ‘” he said Mon on The particular Alex Jones Show .

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