January 28, 2023

Kamala Harris Destroyed on Tweets After Shilling for Annual Covid Vaccine

‘This tweet was brought to you by Pfizer. ‘

Social networking users brutally mocked ALL OF US Vice President Kamala Harris after she urged Us citizens to receive at least one yearly fresh Covid injection.

“ One shot, once a year— that’s all of most people will need to stay protected from COVID year-long, ” Harris insisted on Tweets Monday.

Fatigued by false promises the shots were 100% safe and effective, Twitter users excoriated Harris for spreading false information, with many pointing out the shots not only do not work, but are also harming quite a few patients.

While Kamala’s tweet was majorly cringe-worthy, she was outdone by outgoing NIAID  movie director Anthony Fauci last week when he “ one final time”   begged People in america to take Big Pharma’s fresh mRNA shot – whilst Biden’s press secretary deflected questions about Covid-19’s feasible lab-made origins.

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