March 24, 2023

Russia Has Not Received Response From US, Ukraine Regarding Biolabs Near Its Borders: Charge

Moscow concerned about US-controlled tests of infectious agents on army personnel and mental patients in Ukraine

Russia has not obtained an exhaustive response in the United States and Ukraine regarding US biological and army activities on  Ukrainian territory   under the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), Russia’s permanent representative towards the Geneva-based UN headquarters, Gennady Gatilov, said.

“ We have not received a proper and meaningful response to the paperwork and evidence presented, which shed light on the true nature of interaction between the Pentagon and its particular contractors and the Ukrainian aspect in the field of military and biological activities, ” he stated.

The diplomat added that Russia’s complaint was disregarded and its proposal for an global investigation under the auspices from the UNSC under Article VI of the BWC was clogged by the United States.

Earlier, Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov, the head of the rays, chemical and biological defense troops of the Russian Armed Forces, said that a network greater than 30 biological laboratories had been formed on the territory of Ukraine, which worked in the interests of the Pentagon. Based on him, everything for the continuation of the US military-biological program was removed from Ukraine after the start of the Russian special military operation.

Earlier this month, Kirillov remembered that former US President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton experienced participated in formulating the united states drive for global prominence in bioweapons research. This individual said that Bolton led the US delegation to the Biological plus Toxin Weapons Convention’s 5th Review Conference in November-December 2001.

Later, the US blocked the operation of the UN system’s verification mechanism, as well as proposed measures to check bioweapons storage space sites, citing threats such verification measures would create to US “ nationwide interests. ” Bolton furthermore characterized the BWC’s verification protocol as “ deceased, ” and promised that it’s “ not going to be resurrected. ”

Igor Kirillov accompanied his presentation with a fresh trove associated with documents, including papers associated with US efforts to build up the particular country’s military-biological potential.

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