January 27, 2023

Cult Of Death: Canadian Style Firm Releases Ad Partying “Beauty” Of Assisted Suicide

The ‘All will be Beauty’ ad film is usually ultimately all about a ‘woke’ corporation selling more of the product

The prominent  Canadian fashion and home decor retailer  Simons   is coming under fireplace for glorifying suicide being a marketing ploy.  

The company lately produced and released a  three-minute film   which celebrates the particular planned assisted suicide of  Jennyfer Hatch. More recently, after the project was completed, the particular Canadian Broadcasting Corporation  confirmed that   “ The 37-year-old died on Oct. twenty three and chose medical assistance in dying (MAID)  right after dealing with complications and persistent pain associated with her associated with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a team of inherited disorders that impact the connective tissue supporting numerous body parts. ” A snippet of the fuller ad can be seen below…

And now she is the subject of the short film plus ad campaign “ All is Beauty” – which the business claims is all about building a “ human connection” and reflects its “ values” (so…   death/suicide ). “ Even now when i seek help to end my life, there is so much beauty, ” Hatch narrates in the video clip for the Canadian clothes merchant.

CEO Philip Simons went so far as to reference lessons learned as well as the hardships of the Covid-19 outbreak as inspiration for the  commercial/short film :  

“ We really sensed — after everything we’ve been through in the last two years plus everyone’s been through — maybe it would resonate more to undertake a project that’s less in a commercial sense oriented and more focused on  inspiration and ideals that we hold dear , ” said Simons.

Nevertheless , given the subject matter plus eerie scenes like the below, it seems like something more from a Black Mirror episode…

Consider too how loose the Canadian government’s “ medical assistance within dying” (MAID) law is usually and how actively it is becoming promoted. A simple Google search of “ Canada euthanasia law” returns info encouraging users to learn about their “ rights” – which includes the following dystopian and disturbing aspect to the law…  

“ … the law  no longer requires a person’s organic death to be reasonably foreseeable   to access medical assistance in dying. ”  

But again, keep in mind that the “ Most is Beauty” ad film is ultimately all about a ‘ woke’ corporation selling more of its product. Because Rod Dreher of  The American Conservative  aptly  points out :  

This is so evil. They are making a sick woman’s decision to end her life into an occasion of beauty, and created a short film glorifying suicide …   for the sake of selling fashion plus home decor!   And that’s the truly weird part about it:   that they’re using a glamorized committing suicide to encourage people to believe sympathetically of their brand, so they’ll buy clothes plus furnishings there . (Note: an ad like this doesn’t always have to directly market the item; a Japanese luxury car brand in the early 2000s, I think it was, pioneered this kind of advertising, designed to associate a certain aesthetic vibe around a item or company. )

See the complete 3-minute version of the Simons short film below:

Dreher additional concludes in the following: “ First Balenciaga, which its child sex chic, and today Simons, selling frocks plus trousers by selling suicide. This is beyond Late Roman Empire stuff.   A culture that glorifies death like this has dropped its collective will to reside. And it won’t . ”

And one commenter on Simons’ YouTube channel laments that “ This particular woman was murdered plus betrayed by every single person she knew who did not try to stop this. And today her death has been  commodified and commercialized . ”

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