January 28, 2023

High-class Vandalism: Artist Rebrands Balenciaga Store in London As ‘Pedophilia’ Shop After Photoshoot Scandal

“Balenciaga is finished as a brand. A lot more stores will be visited in due course, ” says street artist.

A UK performer vandalized a Balenciaga store’s shop windows in Central London with clean stenciled logo that reads “ PEDOPHILIA. ”

The artist had taken action against Balenciaga after the Spain-based fashion brand launched an ad campaign featuring young children holding BDSM-inspired teddy bears, having a separate photoshoot subliminally featuring a Supreme Court document judgment on child pornography.

The art strategy against the fashion brand is called Luxury Vandalism, according to the designer who calls himself Joe Bloggs, who is a member of a worldwide art collective.

Bloggs said he took action against Balenciaga after being “ disgusted” by the photoshoot’s references in order to child porn and sexual abuse.

From the Gateway Pundit :

I took this action because I was so disgusted by their photo shoot, which usually clearly was exploiting children, exposing them to extreme grownup sexual practices (BDSM), together hidden references to kid porn and even BAAL, who was a child sacrifice god.

Whoever was in charge of that is really evil. The company has released a half-hearted apology which is not acceptable. Kering, the business that owns Balenciaga, need to shut all Balenciaga stores immediately.

Kanye Western is still parading around within clothes that he designed with Balenciaga plastered all over them (he wore the boots to Mar-A-Lago to meet President Trump, he should do the decent thing and burn it all in public. People like The mind blowing kim kardashian and Madonna have openly worn items with yellow tape on. They are strangely silent over all this.

Bloggs also declared that Balenciaga as a brand is “ finished” in the wake of the pedo photoshoot scandal.

“ The little one’s innocence must be preserved. Kid porn and child give up are not cool, trendy, or cute. They are sick plus evil beyond words. Balenciaga is finished as a brand. They must close all stores, ” he said.

Balenciaga issued several apologetic statements following the backlash that will culminated with its brand ambassador Kim Kardashian distancing herself from the controversy after days of quiet.

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