March 24, 2023

Ireland in europe Imposing Up to 5-Year Jail Term for ‘Hate Speech’

Just how long before Irish citizens are usually imprisoned just for speaking the reality?

Twitter jail simply got a lot more literal. Actually, the country that spent hundreds of years fighting for freedom from foreign tyranny is now imposing tyrannical free speech limitations on its own people.

The Irish government announced last 30 days that hate speech violations come with a prison sentence. Due to the fact nothing says “ compassion” like tossing rude people in jail.

The Irish government released a  press release   at the end of October about the  Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or even Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022 . The release quoted Irish Minister regarding Justice Helen McEntee saying “ hate speech is just not about free speech. ” The new legislation specifically includes “ hate speech within an online context” and is tied to “ the role that companies will play in handling hate speech on their platforms. ” How dare you make somebody uncomfortable, you dangerous felony!

I think we all agree that we condemn real violence, such as the Chinese Communists  calling   for the destruction of some other countries on Twitter (there can be a debate about whether or not such calls should be censored). But woke leftists never stop with child porn and governments endorsing genocide. They always end up targeting people they merely disagree with.

Actually, the press release specifically framed the legislation as protecting free speech, saying, “ New Bill to tackle hate crime and dislike speech includes clear provision to protect freedom of manifestation. ” But don’t get as well excited.   The “ freedom of expression” portion just provides exceptions just for “ discussion or critique of matters relating to the protected characteristic. ”   Which is vague, but also appears to exclude any mere statements of fact about issues such as transgenderism.

The protected characteristics, based on the government press release, are “ race; colour; nationality; religious beliefs; national or ethnic source; descent; gender; sex features; sexual orientation; and disability. ”

The press release said the expenses criminalizes “ any deliberate or reckless communication or behaviour that is likely to stimulate violence or hatred towards a person or persons because they are associated with a protected characteristic. ” Notice that it only needs to be “ likely” to stimulate violence. The punishment is about five years in prison, and it is unclear if this type of potential punishment existed in the different form previously. Ireland  has had legislation in order to criminalize   some types of “ hate speech” since at least 2020, which includes Holocaust denial and alleged incitement of violence against LGBTQ people. “ Incitement to Hatred” has been prohibited since 1989.

The question is, what does the Irish govt define as incitement to violence? Are people taking place murderous rampages against migrants on a regular basis because of “ xenophobic” comments, for instance? Even McEntree admitted a “ small minority of individuals” execute alleged hate crimes. The section of the bill referenced above is very vague.   After all, in America, merely contacting “ transgender” people by their original names  has been labeled   “ violence. ” Could a good Irishman land in prison merely for referring to the biological fact? The expenses states (emphasis mine), “ A person may be found guilty of an offence …   irrespective of whether the communication of material or behaviour the subject of the offence was prosperous in inciting another person to violence  or hatred towards a person or a group. ”

The pr release also said, “[The legislation] will also create new, aggravated forms of certain existing criminal offences, where these offences are motivated simply by hatred of a protected feature. These will carry an enhanced penalty and the criminal history will clearly state that the particular offence was a hate crime. ”

“ Racism” and “ xenophobia, ” both terms subject to constant misuse by the woke left in many countries, are specifically condemned in the expenses.

Then the launch cited McEntree, “[H]ate speech is not regarding free speech — detest speech is designed to shut people down, to shut them up, to make them scared to say who they are and to exclude and isolate them. Nothing is free about that. ” Therefore apparently shutting down and shutting up the speaker resolves the problem? Since when did oppression of one group create another group freer?

“ All procedures throughout the Bill have been carefully developed to ensure it is victim-centred and effective in acquiring convictions where serious criminal offenses are committed, and the legislation follows extensive public discussion and research, ” McEntree pontificated. “ The new accidents will allow for the ‘ dislike criminal’ label to follow an offender in court … I want to assure the public that we get worked hard to strike an equilibrium in this Bill in safeguarding the right to free talk with protection of vulnerable and minority communities through dangerous hate speech. ” Whatever that means.

The Irish should know better.   They spent hundreds of years being disenfranchised, killed, imprisoned, starved, and shut upward by foreign rulers. Censorship is a slippery slope, particularly when “ hate speech” often means “ any facts I— or the government— don’t like. ”

How long before Irish citizens are jailed just for speaking the truth?

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