January 29, 2023

Deinem. Intel Chairman: Biden Will not Openly Support Chinese Anti-Lockdown Protesters To Avoid “Western Plot” Charges

Exiled Chinese dissident urges which the uprising is a “watershed moment” in fight against Communism

The Democratic chair of the Senate Cleverness Committee claimed Wednesday that will Joe Biden and his management are trying not to openly assistance anti-lockdown protesters in China and taiwan too much in order to avoid the Communist government claiming that it’s every a “ western plot”.

Appearing on CNN, Mark Warner stated that if the CCP is “ able to portray this as kind of an anti-Chinese or western storyline, that undermines the very protesters that we’re trying to endure with. ”

Warner continued with a word salad, stating “ I think there are things that those of us leaders in the Senate and the Home have a little bit more flexibility, frankly, than the administration. This — the administration, particularly after the most recent meeting in between Xi and Biden, to attempt to have lower some of the tensions…. we don’t want a working conflict to erupt. ”

“ I think those of us in the Congress possess a little more freedom. And I think we are able to push the administration, yet as you said, we have a tendency want to feed the propaganda machine that turns these types of protesters driven by Chinese people into what the overall message would be of the Chinese people, ” the Liberal further claimed.


Warner’s comments come as the Biden White House says it “ isn’t taking a side” on the cause of anti-lockdown protests in China, a ‘ walking on eggshells’ remark seemingly designed to protect the administration from charges of hypocrisy.

Republicans, including Senator Tom Cotton are pushing for Biden to more strongly support the anti-lockdown protests.

“ This is not just some protest on a college campus in America or a European capital, ” Natural cotton noted, adding “ These Chinese are protesting the particular world’s most powerful, dangerous, techno-totalitarian government. ”

The Senator further urged that “ One reason President Biden should speak in his own voice on camera in support of these brave Chinese protesting their communist government is to prevent an additional Tiananmen Square Massacre. But additionally by saying if there is one more Tiananmen Square Massacre, when the Chinese communists use force against their own people, there is massive consequences. ”

“ China unleashed this plague on the world, including its own people. They have got had the counterproductive ‘ Zero Covid’ policy for a long time and now they have a problem, ” Cotton asserted.


Meanwhile, exiled Chinese andersdenker Xi Van Fleet told FOX News that the violent uprising is not only about lockdowns, yet about the people finally opposition Communism on the whole.

“ This is extraordinary. Jooxie is witnessing a watershed moment, ” Van Fleet described, adding “ During the past 75 years, Chinese people set up so much abuse from the totalitarian communist government. But it was your past three years, Xi Jinping’s ‘ Zero Covid’ policy that brought people to the breaking point. ”


As we pointed out yesterday , fears of the new Tiananmen Square style crackdown in China are already heightened by footage associated with tanks being deployed towards the streets of major towns as the Communist Party looks massive unrest.

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