February 4, 2023

GOP Senators Say They Will Block Military Funding Unless Vaccine Mandate Scrapped

“The Biden administration is firing soldiers all of us invested in and trained”

Republicans in the Senate have threatened to block the Nationwide Defense Authorization Act except if a vote is kept on the current COVID vaccine mandate for military employees.

The time and effort is being headed up simply by Florida Senator Rick Scott and Kentucky Senator Flanke Paul, along with 11 other senators, including Ted Jones and Mike Lee.

Scott told Fox Information “ I think on the NDAA one thing that’s going to be important is that we can not give cloture unless these people agree that we’re not going to keep kicking people from the service for their – when they’re unvaccinated, ” including “ I think that we’ve got to start standing up for people. ”

In a letter to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the particular Senators state “ The particular Department of Defense COVID-19 vaccine mandate has destroyed the livelihoods of men and women who have honorably served our own country. ”

“ While the Department of Defense certainly must make decisions that will bolster military readiness, the effects of the particular mandate are antithetical to readiness of our force, and the policy must be revoked, ” the letter further declares.

During a press conference , Paul stated “ The vaccination mandate offers forced our nation’s younger patriotic men and women to choose between their faith, their medical autonomy and their careers. ”

“ At a time when the army is struggling to meet targets for recruitment, the administration is firing soldiers all of us invested in and trained, ” Paul further noted.

For five years now, the NDAA has been viewed as vital legislation with regard to Congress each year, covering spending for the military, including the annual pay raise and brand new program starts.

Despite attempts to stop mandatory vaccines for active duty workers, and to uphold exemption rights , the particular Biden administration has continually pushed with regard to dishonourable secretions and even court martialing regarding troops who disobey orders to get the shots.

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