January 29, 2023

Musk: Twitter Has “Interfered In Elections”

Musk known as this an ‘obvious reality’

Twitter owner Elon Musk on Wednesday verified what everyone with two functioning brain cells and intellectual honesty already knew;   the social media marketing giant has “ interfered in elections. ”

In a debate over a  Reuters   article where the company’s former head of trust and safety says Twitter is ‘ not safer’ under Musk, consumer @EvaFoxU posted: “ Twitter has shown itself to be not safe for the past 10 years and has lost users’ trust.   The past group of “ trust and safety” is a disgrace, therefore it doesn’t have any right to assess what is being done now, ” adding “ That they had a chance, but they sold their souls to a corporation. ”

To which Musk replied , “ Exactly. The obvious reality, since long-time users know, can be that  Twitter has failed in trust & security for a very long time and has interupted in elections . ”

Musk after that said that “ Twitter 2 . 0 will be far more effective, transparent and even-handed. ”

Musk’s comments come days after he agreed with formerly banned news personality Alex Lorusso that will releasing Twitter’s internal conversations about the decision to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the 2020 US election is “ necessary to restore public believe in. ”

As we  noted last week , the  Post   experienced its Twitter account locked in October 2020 just for reporting on the  now-confirmed-to-be-real   “ laptop from hell, ” which contains unprosecuted proof of foreign influence peddling by means of then-Vice President Joe Biden – including a meeting among Joe and an professional of Ukrainian gas giant Burisma, in 2015.

The particular laptop contained caches associated with emails detailing business negotiations with Burisma and state-owned CEFC China Energy Co, from which his firms obtained $4. 8 million within wire transfer payments from its founder,   Ye Jianming ,   according   to some Senate report. -Daily Harasser

Twitter had restricted  any user from sharing links of the  Post ‘ s coverage , both publicly or via direct message – while the social media large also  locked away former White House spox Kayleigh McEnany’s personal accounts , as well as former President Trump’s campaign account, for sharing the link.

In the ensuing years, the authenticity of the laptop continues to be confirmed by both the  Washington Blog post   plus the  New York Times , while  CBS News   authenticated the notebook on Monday.

‘ Incredibly Inappropriate’

As the  Epoch Times   noted upon Tuesday;

Musk in April spoke out in opposition to Twitter’s decision in order to temporarily suspend New York Post’s Twitter account.

Suspending the particular Twitter account of a main news organization for submitting a truthful story has been obviously incredibly inappropriate , ” Musk  said   in April, responding to a post in regards to the Hunter Biden laptop tale.

Musk, which took over Twitter in late Oct, has vowed to make the platform into a politically unbiased bastion of free speech.

He said in an  open letter   following his acquisition of Twitter that he bought it because  “ it is important to the future of civilization to have a common digital city square, where a wide range of beliefs can be debated in a healthy manner, without resorting in order to violence. ”

“ There is currently great danger that social media will splinter into far correct wing and far left-wing echo chambers that produce more hate and separate our society, ” Musk added.


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