January 28, 2023

Shock Video: CCP Thugs Break Into Man’s Home, Torture Him in Front of Children

CCP officials interrogate man just for complaining about zero-COVID policy as White Paper protests erupt across China.

Troubling video out of China displays Chinese Communist Party enforcers interrogating and torturing a man in his own home in front of his children after he lamented about the COVID lockdown policy.

LOW LUX footage from within this male’s home in Liuyang Town, Hunan, shows four CCP police who reportedly compelled their way in surrounding and interrogating him before defeating him in front of his small children.

The man’s wife put out the bulletin to neighbors deteriorating the incident and contacting for justice. A translated version was found on social networking.

“ Just yesterday morning, Liao Yong, the director of the Social Security Comprehensive Management Office of the Hehua Sub-District Workplace in Liuyang City, Hunan Province, broke into my house with three policemen, ” she stated.

“ My husband was along with two of our children and was worried about worrying them, so he needed them to talk outside, yet several of them got physical along with my husband and after forcing their way into our house, they directly accused and labeled us as producing ‘ anti-government remarks’, after my husband argued back, this individual pinned my husband to the sofa and beat him. ”


“ After understanding that my home offers CCTV cameras, he requested us to delete the video in an attempt to cover up the whole event, ” she added. “ We hope the relevant authorities will certainly investigate and give us proper rights. ”


Unfortunately, raw footage like this is not a good isolated occurrence in China amid its zero-COVID lockdown enforcement and subsequent Whitened Paper protests.

This footage shows CCP enforcers known as “ Huge Whites” attempting to kidnap a man from his apartment to place him in a COVID quarantine camp.

This footage displays CCP forcing a woman to take a COVID anal swab test in full view of the public.

The White Paper revolution kicked off earlier this month after it was reported that dozens of people were burned alive within their apartment building which was sealed off from the outside by the CCP as part of its zero-COVID technique.

The ensuing protests resulted in CCP authorities beating demonstrators and incarcerating journalists, and even rolling out tanks into the streets.

Meanwhile, the CCP is continuing to welds apartment doors shut externally.

This asinine plan led to this heartbreaking video showing a woman falling with her death trying to escape one more apartment fire.

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