February 5, 2023

Washington’s Approach Could Destroy Ukrainian State, Ex-Pentagon Adviser Macgregor Says

‘Biden’s ‘take no prisoners’ conduct of U. S. foreign policy… will also demolish the last vestiges of the postwar liberal order’

Col. Douglas Macgregor, a former senior mechanic to then-US Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, said on Tuesday that the United States’ approach to the conflict within Ukraine could destroy the Ukrainian state in the next stage of Moscow’s special army operation.

“[US President Joe] Biden’s ‘ take no prisoners’ conduct of U. S. foreign policy means the outcome of the next phase of the Ukrainian War will not only eliminate the Ukrainian state. It will likewise demolish the last vestiges of the postwar liberal order and produce a dramatic shift within power and influence throughout Europe, especially in Berlin, away from Washington to Moscow plus, to a limited extent, in order to Beijing, ” Macgregor published for The American Conservative mag.

Macgregor also believes which the US actions will result in an increase in Russian army power after the end from the conflict in Ukraine – the opposite result from what Washington expected.

The US military leaders “ seen Russia through a narrowly focused lens that magnified US and Ukrainian strengths yet ignored Russia’s strategic advantages— geographic depth, almost limitless natural resources, high interpersonal cohesion, and the military-industrial capability to rapidly scale upward its military power, ” the colonel wrote.

Since Russia  launched a military operation   in Ukraine on Feb 24, Western countries were providing Kiev with humanitarian, military and financial aid. Moscow has denounced the circulation of weapons to Ukraine from its Western allies, stating it adds fuel towards the fire and warning that any arms shipments upon Ukrainian territory would be “ legitimate targets” for Ruskies forces.

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