January 27, 2023

ALL OF US Wants to Redeploy Weapons From Middle East to Ukraine – Raytheon

NASAMS batteries could be taken from the Middle East, the American hands manufacturer says

The US is working to move a few National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) batteries through Middle Eastern countries to Ukraine, Raytheon Technologies TOP DOG Greg Hayes has said.

The Virginia-based arms manufacturer created the weapons in collaboration with Norway’s Kongsberg Protection & Aerospace.

“ There are NASAMS deployed across the Middle East, and some of our NATO allies and we [the US] are actually working with a couple of Middle Eastern countries that currently employ NASAMS and trying to direct those back up in order to Ukraine, ”   Hayes told Politico journal on Thursday, adding that redeploying existing weapons will be faster than manufacturing brand new ones.

“ Just because it takes two years to build, it doesn’t mean it will take 24 months to get [to the] country, ”   he said. This individual added that the goal is to send NASAMS to Ukraine in the next three to 6 months, with the US backfilling for your weapon in the Middle East within the next two years.

According to Hayes, it takes that long to build NASAMS because the corporation has to buy electronic elements and rocket engines. The particular White House would have to indication off on the transfer of the weapons to Ukraine through third countries, Politico mentioned. The Pentagon did not comment on Hayes’ remarks.

The Raytheon boss has been speaking after the Pentagon granted the company a $1. two billion contract for six NASAMS for Kiev on Wed. Ukraine received the first two systems last month, based on Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov.

Moscow, in the mean time, has been warning that supplying Kiev with Western arms will only exacerbate the turmoil. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Russian forces were hitting Ukraine’s energy facilities in order to degrade the ability to  “ flood Ukraine with lethal weapons that are used to kill Russians. ”

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